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  1. I came from another game that already taught me all of that that I played for three years I still play it on occasion.  How ever if you can get the basics of angling a ship to deflect shots its not really necessary.  Learning how to do all of that in game is all part of the process.  I honestly don't think that's necessary.  On a side note there a values in learning from getting absolutely rekt to start with.  What happened why did this happen how can I change this from happening again, how can I play better.  Simply put if a player learns from it then as I said all of that other stuff is not needed.  Combating a ship takes a lot of learning if someone is just starting out.  Getting Rekt is just again part of that process.  Look at the positives about it rather than the negatives.  Where a player should really start is in the PVE world to learn the mechanics and get in a few matches against AI ships.  That's education enough on the game. 

  2. Okay so my thoughts on the Loki Rune, I've only put in about 105 hours into this game so far.  I mean plain and simple a PVE is meant to be PLAYER VS ENVIRONMENT.  With Minimal to NO PVP what so ever.  There is a lot of people arguing and being quite toxic in some cases regarding the Loki Rune being added into the PVE server.  In my opinion quite frankly, the Loki Rune is NOT needed for PVE.  What I would suggest is if players have a problem with each other and want to battle it out ONE on ONE they can go into a specific designated spot somewhere off in the map where its NOT going to effect the game play of the PVE server.  That's perfectly fine.  How ever if I do want to play PVP and go fight other players and what not I can just take my happy little self and character right on over to the PVP server and jump in and start brawling there.  The game is good other wise.  So this Rune stone created a hole bunch of Un Necessary drama on PVE players.  I suggest leaving this entirely out of PVE leave it the way it was.  Create the small designated PVP section for the PVE.  Where as one would have to buy into it as a certain amount of Doubloons or even higher amount of Reals in order to cover the repair costs of the person that lost his or her ship in the PVP match on the PVE server in order to make it fair and even worth while.  I'm quite fine with just battling it out against AI bots for the time being.  So is Loki Rune even needed on the PVE server, that's a NO from me.

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  3. If you are playing in a destroyer class ship the best ammunition you can use is High Explosive and aim at the super structure.  152 mm guns can do a quite a bit of damage.  With torpedoes you more or less kind of have to lead the shots.  12 inch guns try aiming at the water line of the ship for a citadel hit which will do a ton of damage if you hit the right spot.  Lead the target.  The other games that I do play with those types of ships I can cripple cruisers and or delete them from the game in a single salvo.  I suggest work on your aiming a bit more and you should be able to work that out.  The other thing is 12 inch guns are best at around a range of 14 KM away too far out trying to snipe your dispersion goes to literally garbage in a trash pile.

  4. Or a simpler thing to that is anyone that is based in that port or having an outpost in that port should be able to take part in defending said port.  Rather than having different nations take part in it.  It would make more sense just to have those that belong to the port be able to battle for its defense.  Of course there would have to be some sort of notification sent out if someone isnt online for that to work properly but even still, there are enough players on line that I would assume be from the same ports that it could be done.

  5. Yea I found that one out.  I don't mind grinding on trading missions to get them.  Since I was just able to pick up a Traders Brig.  I guess that ship is top heavy lol.  Either way I've been slowly figuring things out.  Been grinding as well for the Reals to get my port and things built up so I can actually build my own ships.  Id rather take my time learn the mechanics on PVE.  Even though I did go onto the PVP server the other day and did straight battles for a bit with slim to zero experience on the PVP side of things and how to actually sail in it.  Just jumped right in and I rather enjoyed it quite fun.  But if I want to be efficient enough to not worry about anything I still need to learn the mechanics.

  6. Okay so I've recently started playing the game.  So far 52 hours in I've seen multiple changes.  I'm still learning the mechanics as well.  Haven't picked up on the ship crafting just yet still on the grind to get XP.  How ever, I did notice that the prices of the missions for the open world have changed some but that was to be expected.  How ever what I did notice is that there are now NO cargo missions where one player can earn doubloons.  Yes I do play PVE for now to work out the mechanics of the game to learn crafting and everything else.  How ever now I'm a bit confused as to how I will earn those doubloons if I can't get them from certain cargo missions.  Any suggestions on this. 

  7. Good morning or good evening to where everybody is from or Good Afternoon.  I'm brand new to this game seems quite relaxing at points.  5 hours into the game and I'm enjoying it.  So far I've looked all over the internet and have found nothing on purchasing larger ships outside of the basic cutter that I get when I log into the game.  I do mainly PVE.  There was also no solid how to on choosing a port that I've found that gave step by step how toos.  Anyways suggestions would be appreciated thanks.

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