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  1. Hi all This is a great game with so much potential. However i have gotten rather bored of the naval academy. I recall the campaign was due out in Dec/Jan? Or was it Feb? Either way, it's now March? Any word on when it's due? I understand the programmers and working hard, just keen to get into a campaign. Cheers Hawk
  2. Fair enough. Looking forward to it all!
  3. Just got this game after watching it on youtube over the weekend. Couple of suggestions for the game under development. 1. the funnels to engine efficiency needs sorting. Unless its meant that it's almost impossible to get 100% engine efficiency. I don't think i've ever seen a ship with more than 4 funnels. 2. a wider range of guns, including with calibers. For example, 4.7" cannons were common. Not saying it should be overkill, but a few more would be nice. 3. Ramming. I'm hoping when one rams a ship it does damage, especially a BB ramming into a DD. Must say this game is
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