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  1. Hi everyone, I know this is a game in development (Alpha) and I know this is not normally asked, But I am migrating to Linux this evening and I won't be able to play this promising game anymore. Now you may understand. Whether it will be accorded or not I have no control over this. The point was i will not be playing this game at all unless it is ported to Linux. So if you can find a little place in your hearts, i could really use the money elsewhere. Thanking you in advance and so long... Rusty.
  2. Hi everyone, i installed the game yesterday and a promising game this is! I just wanted to let you know that i find the Ship builder very unresponsive, meaning it is very slow in placing items, slow and inaccurate placement points, slow to disengage chosen turrets (for example) you left click your mouse button and it does not release the chosen turret. I have a Windows 10 PC with 32gb ram, AMD FX 8320 CPU, GTX950 and SSDs in Raid 0. I know i just started playing but i find it takes a long time to build your ship and the auto-designer often leaves weight differences fore/aft.
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