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  1. Same case with casemates, they seem to have no more than %30 accuracy even though the smaller ship is very close. "Smaller ship penalty" should only apply on main guns tbh.
  2. More like 3D version of Rule the Waves. Think you're playing HoI4, not as a leader but only as a dedicated admiral which dictates ship movement, leads naval research, develops ships, helps naval transportations/invasions and such that eventually makes your empire stronger in the global campaign that you actually don't control. I think that's what this game is going to be and I'm sure it's going to be cool to watch.
  3. For a proposal, it might be nice to have a sandbox mission where you could choose your enemies/friendlies and your ship budget. It would be quite interesting.
  4. Hey devs, I was wondering if you guys are willing to enable pre orders through Steam, before the actual Steam release. I was watching a lot of streams and videos and really would like to try this game out, it would be much much easier for me (and probably others) to get the game if so. Cheers!
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