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  1. I'm guessing the proper parts for the Russians, Italians, and Hungarians will come much later, for now they'll still use the current generic parts right?
  2. yeah, I've checked and seems like it can fix itself upon game restart, but it can also return upon game restart when its fixed...
  3. so theres a bug I've been running into, on several of the hulls, you cant place the secondary tower.... and this is happening quite a few of them, this one the Russian modern BB hull is one, theres also the same bug with the French BB hulls it does seem to happen with specific towers tho
  4. Finally, thank you this is such a welcomed change, long awaited change
  5. @Cptbarney how the hell do you get so many cursed ships lol
  6. Me personally, I'd honestly like more nation specific parts being added. The current pool of parts is still very lackluster and generic. This wouldn't fix the many issues the builder has but I'd like to have more Nation specific variety rather then the generic parts.
  7. the tracers in War Thunder sort of look like lasers lol always been sort of a meme in the War Thunder community, specially the much earlier one. The newest one seen in the image above look much better but still look a lot like lasers lol
  8. yeah for as much heat the War Thunder lasers get, they are based in reality and actually help figuring out what shell is being fired. Could be better but it does the job well enough in War Thunder so I personally dont see much of an issue with it.
  9. Just my current personal wish list of gun turrets that I really wish were added to the game, would love to see what other people's turrets list is. Will start with Germany first: 283mm sk c/34 and c/28 30.5 cm SK L/50 France: 340mm/45 Modèle 1912 and its Quadruple variant that would been mounted in battleships Lyon and Normandie 330mm/50 Modèle 1931 130 mm Modèle 1932 quadruple and dual barrel Italy: Cannone da 381/50 Ansaldo M1934 152 mm/55 Models 1934 and 36 305 mm/46 Model 1909 Japan:
  10. Bring forth battlecruiser Kirov!! With more AK-130 dual 130mm turrets and even more Kashtan CIWS!!!!
  11. Scout aircraft could also just give you something to do while both fleets are beyond their own range heading towards each other and unspotted lol
  12. I do hope this means the old generic hulls that still have the very restrictive hardpoints for barbettes and towers. Other then that, seems like a nice small update, nothing to major but all welcome of course. I believe someone is missing again...... T-T
  13. Fair enough, the devs do seem to already have taken the decision as to what will constitute as CAs, BC, and BBs as they are given as specifically classed hull so my guess is it's not going to be as convoluted as in RTW. CA hull can only use up 11" guns, BC and BB hulls are already uniquely design with their own limitations for said class as well.
  14. Pocket Battleship is not a classification, that was just a name given to the Deutschland class by the British, the Germans reclassified them from Large Cruiser to just a Heavy Cruiser as their total tonnage wasn't that much compared to other heavy cruiser, hell the Hipper class was heavier then the Deutschland. The Alaska Class was definitely a large cruiser/ battlecruiser which ever you prefer as it straddled the line between the two due to its weapons and weight coming at just shy of 30k tones and well above 30k tones fully loaded, where as the Deutchland barely made it above 14k tones fully
  15. Frances response to Germany's Deutschland class pocket battleship, the Jeanne D'arc class pocket battleship
  16. I've had, why when people said torpedoes were weak I was like, um are you sure about that lol Dont know if they are still strong or if they really got weaker, have gotten pretty good at dodging torpedoes and the AI at least in my games doesnt add torpedoes to its CLs so havent seen many
  17. Its more like I dont find it as useful as lets say knowing what enemy ship has taken the most damage, what ship is the biggest threat to my fleet, how much more damage my ships can endure and should I fall back since one or 2 of my ships are taking far too much fire. Is the accuracy debuffs a bit much yeah, but in the game at least for me they havent been the deciding factor so I havent expressed much interest in them, should be fixed yeah but its not a high priority unlike the designer and the armor schemes.
  18. Even with tier 3 and 4 torpedo and anti flood protection and high citadel protection, I've seen my best battleships get detonated by one or 2 torpedoes. Only battleships that are truly immune to basically anything are 1940s BBs with maximum protection on everything. And to achieve that you have to sacrifice so much in the firepower department that in a campaign it might not be worth it.
  19. Another thing about the campaign I'm interested in is how is it gonna deal with the nations that drastically changed during its time frame. Germany went from the German Empire, to the Weimar Republic to Nazi Germany in the span of 20 years, and then you have the Russians who went from the Russian Empire to the Soviet union, and finally China who basically ceased to exist as the Chinese Empire to several different states and the dynasty falling under Japanese rule in Manchukuo. Honestly very curious as to how the politics and ideologies will work in the campaign, should be very interesting
  20. Oh that one, yeah that one you have to hold the cursor over the target, its because it gives you the info of your likelihood to hit the spot your cursor is at. I can see how that's annoying, but I hardly use the accuracy info panel as I am far more worried about the status of my ships and the enemy ships. Don't really see a need to keep tabs on hit chances when when in the fight, as my ships seem to be able to hit enemies just fine most of the time.
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