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  1. I’m starting to worry about if this game is dead...
  2. Agreed, we want to see the core game play mechanics fleshed out in a way that makes sense given the goals defined by you guys in the first place. These are major issues that need to be sorted before worrying about campaigns or the steam launch. I think I can speak for every one in saying we are passionate about this, because this game gets a lot right or is very close to getting a lot right. It's a awesome premise and fills a void that no other game currently does! So please keep plugging away, but we are all very interested in your response to the issues Steeltrap has spent a con
  3. I tried that and it didn't resolve the issue.
  4. I have the same issue over and over. I can install the game and play 1 time without issue. But if I try and launch the game again nothing happens. The launcher briefly says in game then goes right back to saying play and the game never launches.
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