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  1. Some classes, like the german super battleship and battlecruiser, have the floatplane launchers built into the bridge so i have no doubt they plan on adding it.
  2. While being excited is fine getting "campaign in two to three weeks" from the devs saying "an announcement coming in a week or two" is taking that excitement too far.
  3. Yea do not hype yourself too much, they just confirmed an announcement coming soon not an update.
  4. are you sure? where did you get that from?
  5. Yes that is true, however i will like to point out that most ships, even after being obsolete by a few generations, still continued to serve in many roles such as Schleswig-Holstein.
  6. Honestly the problem is they say "the update should come monday" which people take as it IS coming monday, they should change how they word it like instead saying "if all goes well it should come out sometime next week".
  7. Hoist the zulu flag, we are off to battle
  8. Ahh yes, the great skirmish of alpha 5, those were bloody days.
  9. What are you talking about, people are already rioting.
  10. With the inclusion of the Akizuki type destroyer can we get the Japanese 100mm guns?
  11. It is, was made by the US in Manila bay lasted for a VERY long time until they ran out of food and ammunition.
  12. Yes, if you can reach the speed you set it to it will go grey , thinking about it i also think if you turn too sharply it will also show red, i had that happen in the CSS Virginia mission
  13. From what i have seen grey is able to reach top speed, yellow is unable to reach top speed due to funnel inefficiency and red is due to engines being knocked out,
  14. i liked it, would love more as long as some in the transition phase where they were powered by sails and engine, also seeadler would be nice
  15. i am hyped about each equally, they all served their navies in the respective times well and we should look forward to them all.
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