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  1. I've seen this quite often, myself. Not so much "half the turrets," as only one turret actually fires. This is despite never losing lock on the targeted ship between salvos, nor changing course and losing gun arc. I'm paused in a battle as I write this where my Hull H with four turrets has been alternating every other salvo between firing all turrets and only firing one for the entire engagement thus far. I would also point out that this is nothing new - I brought this subject up on the forums last fall.
  2. Thank you! I never knew that, and it explains a lot. In the battle I just described, his speed gives me a -76.4%, and his maneuvering adds a further -19%. Holy moly.
  3. Following up, I switched from the stereoscopic rangefinder V to the ? rangefinder ? - switching long range accuracy for base accuracy, essentially. All else being the same for the ship, in this new battle I'm facing a BC with three turrets identical to mine. He's maneuvering while running at 33.7 kn (41.5 kn top speed.) My accuracy at 13.6 km, while at half speed and maintaining course, is 2.8%. The enemy BC's accuracy is at 13%. I'm really scratching my head.
  4. To test the ideas I saw in responses, I built a BC that tried to mimic the BB I listed above. It had the same speed and armor, as close as I could match to towers (slight loss of accuracy,) same rangefinder/radar, and same 15" guns. I am again facing a BC with 15" triple gun turrets, and... at a range of 14.3 km, my current accuracy (nearly half speed) is 2.8%, while the enemy BC has an accuracy of 8.2%. I'd point out that as I write this, the BC is turning, and therefore has a maneuver penalty. I also note that the new BC doesn't have the best towers. I do see that he has a higher t
  5. I'm in a battle where my BB has three 15" twin-barrel turrets. I have the best main and secondary tower available, stereoscopic rangefinder V (best), and Gen II radar. Basically, I've maxed out the accuracy on my ship. During the battle, I've cut my speed to 2/3 to further improve accuracy, and have been maintaining a straight line to avoid maneuver penalties. Okay, so the enemy BC that I'm firing at has four 15" triple-barrel turrets. He's also averaging about 2/3 speed, but making constant loopty-loops. I can't tell what kind of equipment he might have to modify accuracy, but the b
  6. I only come back to the forums rarely, so I apologize if these observations have been discussed at length already. I merely wish to pass on my observations from playing the current build. With the current patch, I've encountered the following on a regular basis: Retreating ships are incredibly difficult to defeat. This is a combination of things. By keeping their stern pointed towards your ship, nothing forward of their midships seems to be capable of being damaged. You end up damaging the same modules over and over, which does no further damage to the ship after their destruction.
  7. I built two BB's, and maxed out their vision range - towers, radio, radar. They were both sunk before they could close to within visual range of an enemy ship. Is there maybe a decimal error in the enemy's accuracy with the new update?
  8. It would be nice to see ship damage displayed more accurately, or at least less blatantly. What I mean is, it would be nice if the ship didn't look like a gray blob after a few minor structural hits.
  9. Yeah, that's been my evolved approach. I stripped the armor down as much as possible, used single barrel 9" guns, all the casemates possible, boosted speed, maxed accuracy wherever possible. Getting close was done out of frustration. It was to verify the insanity of the inaccuracy on display. No matter the range, long, medium, short, point blank, the accuracy never reached a point where I could attain confidence that I could kill all three TB's. For my part, I don't recall that I have ever sunk a single TB in the match. I think the best I ever achieved was to reduce one to about 2
  10. I assume that there are a lot of ship weapons/equipment that will be added by the time of official release. They've already stated that there are a lot more hull shapes to come, for example. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we see such standard equipment as sea plane catapult launchers.
  11. I have brought a BB to within 0.1 km of a TB (practically kissing bumpers,) and I don't think my chance to hit ever got beyond about 13%. Of course, at that range, their torpedoes can't miss. The best strategy I've come up with is to use a full compliment of 6" casemate guns to spam targets with as many hits as possible. Essentially, I cannot see that there is any skill or strategy to be found in the mission. It all comes down to playing the match repeatedly until I get some lucky dice rolls. The amount of time wasted before I understood this fact has left a very bad taste in my mouth.
  12. Clicking on the ship icon did the trick - I was clicking on the actual ships. Thanks for the tip. There are still some suggestions that I offered for helpful camera controls that I don't think are currently in the game.
  13. As to your questions: During construction, use the speed slider to adjust the top speed of your ship. The funnels affect the functionality of your engine's acceleration. The amount of smoke they produce makes you more visible (and easier to target?) The amount of smoke produced also obscures your own gun accuracy. There is a help icon in the upper right corner of the game screen that provides details on each ship component, as well as game play in general. I'm sure you'll find more answers, and more details on those that I responded to, by looking there. I'm new to the game
  14. Are you saying they can't do more than one campaign type?
  15. The game is in alpha, and at the invitation of the developers, these forums allow us to provide constructive feedback on the game. I'd say that just about every suggestion I've offered has had at least one response from someone opposing it in some manner. That is a role I think is best left to the developers and moderators, imho. I was quite surprised to see a DN take at least 12 torpedo hits yesterday during a battle and keep on fighting. I eventually whittled it down with structural damage from guns. I generally do a search to see if an issue has already been brought up on the forum
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