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  1. Yeah doesn't seem to take much either, I've had ships turn and run while still at over 90% structure. I understand trying to preserve a damaged ship while in a campaign but I think its way too flighty atm. In the meantime I've been putting some more emphasis on my forward firepower...
  2. Yep, played a couple of 1v1 custom battles today in various classes and eras, every single one turned into a stern chase the moment the AI took a moderate amount of damage. Even when my own ship had taken as much if not more of a beating and the AI had a decent chance of winning they would still turn away and run. Cue loading HE because AP just ricochets off everything and slowly running them down or just leaving the battle due to lack of speed or patience on my part.
  3. Haven't gotten a chance to check too much stuff out yet but I am certainly noticing the improvements. I definitely appreciate being able to try out the different technology levels in custom battles vs the academy's presets.
  4. I agree it would make the ships look more natural if unused casemate slots were smoothed over when you are constructing a new ships. After a refit when some guns are removed keeping the spots would be nice though, such changes are a natural part of the ships life.
  5. Some more freedom with casemates would be nice and allow for some more varied designs imo. For example on the Brandenburg old pre-dread hull most of the casemate spots are limited to 4" guns, why can't I place a 5" or 6" gun there instead? Just have the bigger guns make the slots beside them unusable to reflect the extra space needed.
  6. Well regarding a torpedo "battleship" the Russians considered it kinda sorta but obviously nothing ever came of it. Would be great fun to be able to give it a go in game though! http://www.e-reading.link/chapter.php/1007019/15/Vinogradov_-_Poslednie_ispoliny_Rossiyskogo_Imperatorskogo_flota.html Dimensions: 203,4m x 25,5m x 8,2m Displacement: 23.000tons standard Engine Power: 72.000shp, 2 shafts Maximum Speed:28knots Maximum Range: 1.250nm on 14knots Armour: Belt: 400mm, 450mm near the citadels and 50mm at ends, Deck: 85mm (75+10) with 40mm (20+20) lower deck Armaments:4x3 180mm Guns 84x1 457mm Torpedo tubes
  7. Being able to create divisions/flotillas rather than making do with whatever combination of ships RNG decides to throw your way would be very welcome and imo makes things much more interesting for the players. In a pure RNG system certain ship types like flotilla leaders aren't practical to build. A big DL design getting treated like its any normal DD is a waste while a small Tenryu-esque cruiser design getting matched up against a fleet cruiser is futile so why bother building either? I know things never work out as planned and that's fine, a little RNG representing engine problems etc. combined with the fortunes of war will force players to adapt in much more entertaining ways than just rolling the dice. "Hmm, between battle damage and maintenance needs my 1st BC squadron is down to just 2 active ships...should I reinforce it with some older ships knowing they will slow down the unit or risk keeping it a small but homogenous unit?" Vs. "Here's your scouting group of 3 different classes, deal with it."
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