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  1. To be honest, with most plans going out the window due to COVID19, this honestly seems like an ambitious window for a steam release, but I've been happy to see the march of progress. Keep up the good work! It's been a blast following this game development as this is my first game I supported from development.
  2. I think they are still trying to flesh out capital ship models from other navies. At this point, they have a good chunk of iconic Great Britain hulls, a hand full of USA and German hulls, and a couple generic ones that I cannot identify. At this point, I would not be too surprised if French hulls like the Courbet Class or Italians like the Littorio Class are next on the to-do list. Maybe a couple of the crazier designs like the German Deutschland Class or the French planned Lyon Class battleship with a frankly ridiculous planned main armament of 4 quad 340mm guns. Actually now that I think abo
  3. Can we just appreciate how even though not all requests are being added in this patch nor am I expecting it, the thrill of seeing this game being built up piece by piece is a thrill no other game or developer have given me. At this rate, even if the game gets delayed, at least we have a benchmark of progress. Im glad I made the decision to back this game early.😁
  4. In battle, the UI could be reworked so I can see which guns are damaged/destroyed. As of now, its too small, and as a colorblind person. I cannot distinguish between green and red shading.
  5. Seeing that guns have different marks as gun technology improved throughout the age, is there any consideration for having a similar system with torpedos? I can imagine that just jumping in torpedo size is not always the smoothest of transition, with the American MK14 torpedo being the first example that comes to mind, though not a surface torpedo. Maybe a set of limitation such as unlocking a torpedo size, but not being able to immediately change the type of propulsion. Or improved versions of smaller torpedoes might have a lower dud rate or better cruising characteristics than the experiment
  6. So torpedo boats are currently the smallest design we can work with, but is there any plans for implementing torpedo patrol boats like the American PT boat series or Germany's E-boat? It might make 2-inch guns more useful since I can imagine larger guns wont have the rate of fire to intercept them before torpedo's away.
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