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  1. Secondaries (>5") are quite effective against torpedo boats/DD/CL, IF they hit. That is the main problem for me. That you need to be in knife fighting range to hit anything with your secondaries, and that is not even the case with older designs that you cannot hit anything period. Armour in game is far more relevant for BBs/BCs vs BBs/BCs engagement, not regarding secondary effectiveness.
  2. Re-tried with modern (1940) US BC, 13"+4"+2". All maxed for accuracy. This time in the same range (2-4km) the 4" had around 50% and the small ones around...90%. I say that it should be more consistent because the other BC was tech from 1928, not a huge difference in that range. | Anyhow, I love the new barrel up-down when reloading, the penetration marks, the destroyed turrets and the slick new late-game main towers. Also, it is very positive that at last the almost-dead ships are not having excellent accuracy or even fight back when around 5-10%. The damage model for stern/bow to enemy should also improved, it took some dozens 13" and some hundreds 4+2" to sink a 1920/early 30 CA.
  3. This. In a test run, enemy CAs 8" done almost the same damage as my BCs 13". Both cases reported "penetration" and done around 15-20hp dmg and started a small fire. My ship at least used 13" AP Mk3. The above with the armour still being too OP, lessens the impact of having large guns apart from the latest monsters. Small guns are even worse, as they cannot hit a barn from point-blank. | Anyhow, I am glad that they included the additional stuff, especially the custpm battle.
  4. This. The game devs absolutely need to rework the damage model. IMHO one of the biggest problems with the game right now, along with the hit% of secondaries and the weird formation AI.
  5. I tried the all-tech-unlock cheat in the semi-dreadnought mission for the lols/variety. With a simple BC with good-decent towers/rangefinders/radar I and historical arrangement (3 X 2 12" + some 5") the enemy BB's accuracy is almost double. When it had 15-17% accuracy, my guns had only 8-9%. I use full speed, only small maneuvering/ course adjustments and no target change. The above numbers were after some time when the guns were locked. The best part is that beyond 8Km the BB still landed multiple hits almost every second barrage. What is happening? o.0 Cheating AI or just...works as intended?
  6. Why is that impossible? It was like that IRL, otherwise we might as well remove secondary guns. Now they are mostly dead weight.
  7. You are replying to the wrong game. You cannot manually control your armament in this game.
  8. Please remove or alter the restriction on the time acceleration(aka "its too dangerous to do it message with greying the buttons). The trigger seems to be bugged or not properly implemented. Some times it triggered and disabled the x2,x3,x5 for no reason, others it allowed only x2 when my CL was sinking. I had to play 30+min in X1 and I just quit in the semi-dreadnought mission. Waiting for the RNG of the pre-dreadnought BB secondaries to hit CLs in x1 for 20-30min is just too much. | The secondaries still are close to useless even in <2km range - for 6" casemate and single turret that I used twice. Better than before, but not so much. Also, some times the secondaries seemed to refuse to shoot, even well within their range. The main battery was shooting normally.
  9. Yes, all the sources I have access to mention that the yamato had a lucky(?) near miss with minimal damage, but if the person above has more info (more updated?) then I will certainly want to see it. It may be that I only know outdated and/or bad info that rotates between publications, as many times happens in niche historical sources. I know for the warspite one, as it is well documented from various sources.
  10. I never seen that before, can you share the source?
  11. Balance idea for the "power of dreadnoughts" mission. I re-finished this mission deploying 20 old pre-dreadnought BBs, and spammed the hell out of the two enemy BBs with 11" HEs and torps. I lost 5 ships, but it was irrelevant as they pretty much mean nothing and I didn't even pay attention in any kind of real control/tactics. I don't know, its silly in a very funny way, but maybe make more difficult to achieve these kind of situations as they make finishing the missions very-very easy? Or keep it for the LOLs?
  12. I couldn't even properly spot the capital ships. A problem mentioned elsewere in this forum and I think something to be addressed in the coming patches. | I had no problem finding and sinking ships that actually enganged. Plenty of slight and major bearing changes and changing the formation when needed.Eg. divided the BCs in a line abreast with around 5-6KMs difference between them to find the remaining ships after the majority sank. No problems there. | Unfortunately the DDs during the whole combat behaved like confused spotters, popping in and out of the visual range in the beginning and then just turned tail and run away. My mistake was that I wanted to find the BB first. After a while I understood that it simply vanished and the time is running out. The DDs already were in full retreat. They were bunched in a line and made a run for it with smoke when available. If I hadn't had three 35knot BCs I think that I wouldn't have seen them at all in the later part of the engagement. I don't know, but chasing light ships and hoping for a hit (less than 4% for the main batteries) for ~70min is not my idea of a fun mission(even with x5 time compression is still alot of waiting for a failure due to cheeziness). In this case, I think that the player should get the victory by default due to the AI retreat, or force the AI to an engagement.
  13. I'm feeling I'm getting trolled in the "destroy a full fleet" mission. Apart from the known issue that my BC could not spot spit from >9Km although they recieve salvoes from the enemy capital ships, I just lost because the "no retreat" AI retreated. After shinking the whole enemy fleet bar one BB and three DDs, the remaining BB spend its ammo and went...somewhere (I only had visual for ~10min on it, the rest of the time it was in fog of war shooting me) and the DDs were popping inside and outside the visual range of the BCs avoiding combat with constant smoke. I managed to sink one of the DDs and the last 30s almost got the second to last. Needless to say that I lost this mission because of AI cheesed the time limit. Never happened before, though. I mean the AI retreating/behaving like this and its quite a bit frustrating.
  14. One of the biggest gripes in the game so far. The AI seems to ignore the minus to accuracy (or just recieves far less?) when recieving damage. Had to play twice "defend the convoy" because the BC just kept snipping with 45+% accuracy when it was <10% HP, ablaze with destroyed towers. Not to mention that it had 13", 8", 7",6" and 4" guns in double/triple turrets config without any discrenible loss of accuracy. | I hope that this issue will be high in the backlog for fixing.
  15. Ditto, two times CTD from this mission. Both with 1 BC. It didn't crash when I had three CAs, but I couldn't sink more than 3 ships then though. Send the log to the email from above^.
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