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  1. @Dread2005 thank you for your openness.. after some hundred hours am in exactly the same situation as you are: still a noob and slowly realizing that putting more hours in the game won`t change anything, i will never reach "endgame" or will be one of the big guys in PvP. But does it really matter if you are still feel excitement when logging in? Despe apparantly still finds enough after 5k hours despite being a noob and so do most of the others. I will just embrace my shortcomings and carry on, dropping out of large scale RvR and just exclusively do the things I enjoy. And taking some breaks like Vernom and van der Clam suggested. Maybe the good things will come to you automatically then. Just put the grind aside for a while. Or change nation for new motivation? I will try this in the next week or so. Again: you are not alone ..a lot of people share your views ..they just don`t have the guts to express themselves. Just don`quit forever.
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