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  1. 1. Renaming individual ships 2. Allowing players to use obsolete hulls
  2. Please add an option for players to allow obsolete hulls in the ship designer. There is no reason I shouldn't be able to design weird 1940s pre-dreadnoughts. Also, ship renaming is an essential feature imo.
  3. I get atrociously long loading times for the campaign for some reason. About 20 minutes of loading when starting a new campaign, almost a minute of loading for each turn. Even though I have the game on an internal SSD and have never experienced performance issues with it before (battles and the ship designer load quickly as normal) Edit: load time on Continue Campaign is normal (quick) as well Edit2: the problem is not reproducable anymore now
  4. Thanks for the summary of how the campaign used to be, I missed out on playing it back then and couldn't find videos afterwards. However, I'm not sure why everyone's crying wolf about the campaign - where did the devs say they scrapped their campaign concept? Nick said "The campaign version of the game has been remade from scratch" - remaking something, to me, means building the same thing, but in a way that works. So, best case, we'll still get what was promised, with a preliminary version with only two nations and perpetual war as was announced when we first heard about the core
  5. I'm as annoyed as anyone about the lack of communication between patch announcements (and the vagueness in regards to when the patch will actually arrive in every patch announcement), but I don't understand how you can criticize the announced contents of this patch. It's all we were promised from core patches 1, 2 and 3 (minus officers if I read that right), which is a lot considering core patch 1 was a faint hope to see anytime soon at this point and the only feature from the others we got so far were crew mechanics. The campaign is exactly what it was announced to be. You can't complain
  6. Not sure if I'm doing necromancy here, but- Generally, quality is more important than age. I got a used GTX980Ti (so the most expensive model from 4 series ago), and I can play even the newest games on highest settings.
  7. "It is understandable that all the players are very interested to know more about our progress, but we need to give you detailed information as we usually do, prior to large game updates" - that response plainly states they will continue to not communicate. I don't see how you can be hopeful from that.
  8. It was supposed to be announced "shortly after" this patch, if I remember correctly. As vague as that time frame was, it now certainly isn't "shortly after" anymore. I'm honestly losing hope in seeing the campaign this year.
  9. You should really, really redesign the module selection thingy at the bottom. The hull section becomes really crowded when designing a lot of different ship classes, and if you turn on unlock, it becomes completely unusable
  10. Don't get too hyped everyone, that's a big "if". This patch most likely wasn't planned, it was probably just announced to quell the unrest here, so it's hard to determine if they'll be able to actually finish it that quickly
  11. Thanks a lot for the update - though I wish it included even a rough idea of when the patch will come - it has been "upcoming" for months after all...
  12. I exported some of the assets to stl, but the way they are makes it very hard to assemble a printable model. Unfortunately, I don't think they will ever be suited to be.
  13. What gives me hope is that Stillfront also acquired Everguild in October 2020, the developers of Horus Heresy: Legions, a mobile game I like a lot and which I have played since the Beta. There were no notable changes since then and it still has a fair and non-cash-grabby ftp model, so apparently there was no interference from Stillfront.
  14. I've waited for War on the Sea (and the Cold War equivalent, Sea Power) ever since it was announced, since both are from people who worked on Cold Waters, which I liked quite a lot. I also bought War on the Sea on launch and have played it quite a bit. But as has been mentioned, it's a completely different type of game, and honestly I don't think it'll last long or be very successful - it suffers from the same feeling of being too bare-boned and over-complicated campaign UI as Victory at Sea (Pacific I mean, the first VaS was a bit better but mostly because it had a smaller scope to begin
  15. How will the rebellions in the campaign work? The Playing Modes article states they can bring about a change of government from Monarchy to Democracy, but the German and Russian Empires for example had both democratic and socialist revolutions (1918 & 1919 and February & October 1917 respectively), with the Russian socialist October Revolution of 1917 arguably having a way too heavy impact on history for it to be just ignored, seeing how it created the Soviet Union. So, will there just be no socialist revolutions? Or will Soviet Russia/the Soviet Union, for example, get treated
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