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  1. Not much to say about the first pass on the campaign. It's short and an okayish introduction on what we can expect. UI is decent, if a bit bland. Overall performance in game seems better. Got the campaign to hang during a turn loading two times. A quick return to menu (still available) solved the problem. Also I had one battle where I couldn't give turn order with the mouse to a ship, his range circle looked all messed up too. I could manually use the rudder and the ship fired with no issues. I fought against a german CA with veteran crew that looked like some boss bat
  2. You believe or you are sure? You realize you are telling at a very opportune moment that "you" played a version of the campaign "we" did not. And you use that special knowledge to pile on an already dubious patch preview? Unless you have serious evidence about this, I suggest you stop. It's rather easy to dig your forum history and see that during these times you never said you played something resembling a leaked campaign.
  3. Is there some evidence backing a playable build? Other than some old screenshots showing an incomplete tech tree and a start menu? I sometime live under a rock. But i m sure i wouldn t have missed something like that.
  4. The heavy usage of gimmicks(tm). It should have been realized sooner with the way hulls and components are displayed and their stats allocation (it was probably already, just not more wildly criticized. I confess I did not pay attention). It's a logical (if unrealistic) way to differentiate nations from one another more than just the look. If that's the case, we are indeed one step closer to the WoW's strategy game some of you feared we where getting. We're just missing some Island to hide behind. Bleh.
  5. It's pretty much what all advertising is about. Be it good or bad. Cars don't suddendly makes you attractive to the other gender while riding in beautiful landscapes. Perfume don't teleport you in rich palaces with everyone dancing in awe around you. Instant food served to "friends" doesn't make you some kind of renowned chef. Battlefield is not anywhere close to history books. League of Legend is clearly not some kind of friendly competitive free to play game. Yet we buy them. Sure, there's different "level" of bullshit and I'm not here to discuss the obvious flaws in UA:D more than
  6. I'm under the impression that Myoko/Takao are much more represented due to their turret setup, the busty waifus of the mobile/browser games and their overall efficiency as you mentionned. Battles and ship designs are in dire need of quality of life, UI update, AI improvement and of course some more "realism". Is it really a good idea to focus X months on a campaign which is just a way to combine both in a more narrative environnement? I doubt it.
  7. I really like when all the smoke ship of the humanlike admiral activate their smoke at the same time. It really show that human coordination is incredible. I will not even comment on the torpedo divination part, Sonic was too fast for me.
  8. That's the neat part, everything will then be ready for the 2023 development plans.
  9. The whole paragraph should be in bold with bigger size.
  10. To be fair, it is a copy paste (with slight adjustments) from a real post of nick. They can communicate, sometimes. Joke aside... What happened? Why don t we have the same treatment as age of sail? Where is the so called dev team right now? I m not too upset, I think. I had my share of fun, some interaction in the forum, etc. But really, what happened ?
  11. Hello admirals, Despite the difficulties of 2021, which have affected everyone’s life as well as the game’s development, we continued to provide several updates and significantly improved the game. We deeply hope that Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts has already become a game that you enjoy and thank you for your ongoing and precious feedback that we so much appreciate. We want to assure you that we acknowledge all your concerns and suggestions and today we would like to inform you about what are our definite plans for the next patches that are going to be delivered within 2022. W
  12. That's not how ship design works. But let's continue mixing reality and video games while ignoring technology, money and politics altogether.
  13. Yes, but not really in their current state. Later naval academy teaches the bad habit of designing very specific ships for very specific encounters. Unless your navy have some unlimited funds and some pretty advanced GPS by the year 1900, I don't think you can reliably choose what ship fight what. Hence the need for designs that work well against a general idea of the enemy. It's not bad if you want some limited action, removed from a grander scheme. Some designs can get pretty wild/stupids. But I don't see these missions as good teaching materials. This was not advertised as
  14. No. The more you progress, the less you design different ships and the more you end up with one "super" with "super" guns, "super" armor, "super" radar, torpedoes, torpedo protection and so on. Powercreep is the bane of any diversity. it promote the need to reach one "super" goal that beat all the others. It eliminate any opposition that is not "super". And how do you beat "super"? With "hyper", added some time later. That one will also be beaten with "omegasuper" and so on. Now. Will the campaign allow to dominate the playfield with "super" or will it balance it is another ques
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