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  1. That I can agree. I firmly believe that in France we must say pain au chocolat and not chocolatine.
  2. I'm not so far into the future. What we see of UA:D is way too early in development. There's not much to do "right now" but to wait for something to happen.
  3. UA:D naval academy is like a strangely designed puzzle. Game balance as changed numerous time but the mission did not (or very little), resulting in some mission being easier/harder to complete as patches goes. It's not really relevant and shouldn't be minded too much. Let the dev hopefully finish the game and then we'll talk about "difficulty sliders". In the meantime, play some custom battle, fool around in some of the better naval academy and like most of us. Wait for something.
  4. Welcome to the wonderful world of unoptimized games and lack of knowledge/hardware sample, etc. Unity is a main culprit because while it is a powerful frame that allow to "easily" make games, you can be certain that the code will often be a mess because the guy behind it is not a seasonned dev. It is also sufficiently bloated to make it easy to forget about removing all the unneeded stuff, leading to unoptimized mess. In some circles, we meet the 'made with unity' tag with concerns. Not only for all the assets flip. There's enough exemples of 2D games made with that engine with recom
  5. Stillfront is not making games. They're just investing money into video game developpers and in a sense influence their release strategy to probably (most likely) match the global strategy of the group. You then can't say that "they don't give two damn about the user" because players are not their target. They target developpers and investor. Users are the responsability of the game developpers and if they fail at it, I don't think their new boss will be very pleased. In a sense, there is no shame to show to people caring about money that the group is indeed caring about money with a
  6. I'll keep my thoughts for the real patch announcement this time. Nice to see some progress, even if it feel glacially slow these past months.
  7. You're right. We're all wrong, we get it. You are definitively not here to discuss anything. Any comment that is different from your point of view is seen as aggression, not only on your opinion but also on your person. This is internet, people don't care about your opinion most of the time, but they care even less about your person. If you want to talk about the many grief I caused you, do it in private. I'm done arguing with you in public.
  8. Exactly. They keep players interested with limited events, one time only offers.. etc. It is indeed working, as the rest of the f2p industry use the same strategy. Everything is used to gain money in short order and keep repeating the same pattern until the servers are empty, closed and we can't play it anymore. Is it good for us players and games in general? I think not.
  9. Yes. Short term profit, like I said. You try it, you shelve it. The ones who stay are increasingly motivated to spend money because servers are not free and population ultimately dwindle. Being in a niche market or not is probably irrelevant. A dev need to adapt his game to his audience and game longevity is another factor. A f2p multiplayer game with AI companions. Never heard of that before. So fresh and new.
  10. Hmm Hmm ? You sure seem really open about different opinions. I'm glad I have chosen the picture approach and if you don't like it that's perfectly fine, I'll do it again. f2p model is dragging creativity down the drain since it's first introduction. Everything is now tied to short term profit and "easy to get into". It's bad for us players.
  11. They could also very well be enjoying their week end/day off. While the news is concerning, we can at least wait a bit more before making the forums blow up. After all we already know they're not that fast with communication.
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