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  1. i guess I have to f11 it when the server goes back up. I sent in a crash report though right after I got the error.
  2. will we get reimbursed if our ships or any transactions were lost due to the cause of this?
  3. Gonna try the naval action test connection for lulz and to see if I get anything back
  4. I hope so too... It will be upsetting if we dont get some sort of compensation since this appears to be on naval action side.
  5. This is really going to suck... I am on the west coast of USA. Tried joining other servers as well and no luck...
  6. Just happened to me as well. went into a mission and got the same error as Norfolk nChance... I am in my brand new Buc... @Ink
  7. I sent in an f11 after I lost my surprise I really hope I can get it back.
  8. Probably, but my ping during all of this was around 80. could not tell you the packet lost but it probably was not high either. after that battle it has not occurred again.
  9. IGN: SirAdmiralBark I sent a few reports about this, I would go into a combat mission and about 5 or 6 min into it all the ships would just teleport near the shore and it would be like that for a few minutes. Then I would go back from where I started and I have lost a major part of my ships health. I lost my surprise to this bug and a steam authentication bug as well.
  10. Idk if the bug I experienced was related to steam maintenance but I lost a ship after I had a weird mission bug and a authentication error
  11. Hmm... Well this is interesting. I will say that Faith did play a major role in the 18th Century. However I will say that there needs to be a very distinct line between Faith and Morale. It is fine to have faith, everyone has faith. If you don't then when you say I believe in X, (X being the condition of what ever the hell you want) then you have faith because faith is the ability to have full belief in a subjective certainty. Morale is the ability to have heighten spirit in what you believe in. Anyway that was that tangent. To the original topic, ought it be a part of Naval Action? Well i
  12. fixed it verified the game and it worked. they where up when this happend
  13. Erm im stuck on the loading screen. To be more clear I was able to get into the game then all of the sudden went to loading screen. Then i relogged and still stuck on the loading screen...
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