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  1. Not gonna lie, with the quarantine and all, I'd love to see the update drop soon.
  2. Keep accuracy more realistic please. A good reference for Jutland: https://web.archive.org/web/20051214235741/http://webpages.charter.net/abacus/news/jutland/18/CHAPTER 18.htm
  3. This is a scandal, it's monday since as much as 25 minutes over there and I still can't see the patch!!! REEEEEEEE! Can't wait though.
  4. I want it to be campaign testing. One can hope
  5. I would like to be able to move the machines in order to move the center of mass too.
  6. Bigger ships are far superior firing platforms, with superior firing direction and heavier guns. Of course they are more accurate.
  7. There might be something there indeed.
  8. I would suggest reading his book as linked by myself then. It is detailed how many shots were fired per ships as recorded by the two navies arsenals and also a combination of hits recorded by both forces. It is also mentionned in the book which ships were hit and how many times, and which ships recorded hits. I can't see of a better method besides also breaking every hit by range. However such an information can be estimated through the study of both fleet courses to some extent. I stand by my comment, accuracy is VERY generous in UAD. And I'm fine with it as I don't want each battl
  9. Yes, that's my point. But that's not what sunk her.
  10. Remarks about HE and damage. -they still are comparatively too effective Vs AP --they have illogical effects: they will more easily than AP be able too destroy the machine room. -I tend to believe that superstructure damage du to HE sould be limited to what can be actually destroyed, a steaming pile of burned steel can still float. -fires that declares themselves in machine room or near ammo stores would be susceptible to provoke catastrophic failures: machines stopping, detonnation and so on.
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