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  1. I've tried that, multiple times. There are many issues in recent patches that I've had objections to and made those objections known in, what I believed to be, well thought out, well researched arguments. I've been polite, I've been open to the opinions of others, I've followed the fourms rules and posted in the appropriate sections, I've even done my best to provide cheap and simple solutions and been open to feedback without resorting to derogatory comments. For my effort I've been belittled, insulted and banned numerous times by a person who is the physical representative of the Development team of this game. I've watched as they have done the same to others, demonised those who complain, go on epic long temper tantrums and proclaim loudly that 'haters gonna hate' and nothing will be done. They proceed to make promises they never keep or explain game mechanics that have yet to be implemented or have been implemented in an entirely different way. I was really looking forward to January because I'd have a little extra money then and I was going to buy both UA - Dreadnoughts (I love the Pre-Dreadnaught era of ships) and UA - Age of Sail but I have decided against that, I decided against buying the HMS Lepord DLC I will not give this company another penny of my money nor will I waste my time arguing in my attempts to improve it. I've tried and I thought I could do some good here being that I once did research for a large Marketing and PR company on what MMOs worked and why as well wrote and article for for a now defunct gaming magazine about these companies obsession with Hardcore PvP and why it never works. I tried, I failed, time to move on.
  2. Which I think was the point, more end game content for the bored end game players. I am in disagreement however, I still feel this was a bad move but the Admin has already decreed that there will be no changes made to this update despite the overwhelming negative reaction to it, so whats the point in arguing?
  3. Winterthrust


    Having a sextant isn't going to stop me getting jumped, when the second one attacked it was just on the edge of my view range when I turned, I hit a wind boost and was doing 32knots and it just cruised right up to me. I don't need a sextant, using the average speed I can work out roughly where I am and when I need to turn.
  4. Winterthrust


    I got attacked by two French privateer fleets on the far eastern edge of Roslay, a Sweedish port. One spawned right ontop of me, I lost all four of my ships and the trade goods they were carrying. I admit I was a little further west than i thought I was (can't have a Sextant when running four ships) but I was nowhere near Fort-Royal. just because it hasn't happened to you doesn't mean the problem doesn't exist.
  5. Was in the port of Mazarrón in Spain visiting family when I got a call from a friend telling me a Age of Sail Spanish Galleon had just sailed into the port. Thankfully I was lucky enough to get on board and snap a lot of pictures just before the children and tourists started arriving by the bus load, so it was pretty quiet and I got a load of good pictures. Thought you guys might appreciate. https://imgur.com/a/H4tedHN It's a gallery, browse at your own pleasure. Or don't, I'm not going to tell you what to do, I'm not your Dad. The ship is a replica built in 2009 by the Nao Victoria Foundation , she is currently sailing on tour around Spain and offers kid parties, day sailing adventures for people who have a lot of money and comes into port so weird nerdy people who don't have money, me basically, can nerdgasum over it and roll around the deck.
  6. So basically, you're going to ignore the problem because people are angry? That is...actually insulting.
  7. I'd take my Wappen over a seasoned Rat any day, we're not yet into the Pay to Win territory. It is something this game could so easily do and squeeze a hell of a lot of money out its playerbase and the fact they haven't done that is something that should be respected. I think if it comes to the point where every PvP'er is using a DLC ship and beating normal built ships then we have a problem, but right now I think we're ok.
  8. I think the main problem is you talk about historical accuracy to justify things but you are happy to ignore it when its convenient to you. I am more than happy when historically themed games make an effort to be accurate but I have to admit it often doesn't make for stimulating gameplay. Yes its historically inaccurate that we can teleport from port to port, command multiple ships and build a first rate in under a 30 year time span but these are things we have because it is a for-profit game and it has to walk the balance between fun and grind, the RPG loop of Explore - Collect - Spend - Improve so we have these inaccurate conveniences to prevent the grind from becoming too much and players giving up through fatigue. You know what isn't historically accurate. Loki Runes, Unlimited Cannon Balls, No Provision Requirements, Buying a thousand sailors in a pub on a small island to man your L'Ocean, Russia in the Caribbean, and the Port Town of New Edinburgh still existing in this time period. These are all things you implemented even though you knew they were inaccurate. You can't flap your arms talking about Historical accuracy to justify a badly thought out feature when you blatantly ignore historical accuracy to add in other features in the same update. Sorry but that excuse doesn't fly for me. But if you want to build a rouge-like game that locks players to one ship, one portbase and instant restart if they lose then do let me know because I would love to play something like that.
  9. So it's two rare drop permits minimum, plus dubs, plus tools at 300 times the cost to build a regular ship. Implemented without warning with zero open world testing right after being told there were delays due to being required to test everything. With almost a days delay between release and the patch notes and our only point of contact being a snarky admin. If it wasn't for the fact I've spent the last week sitting at a tapas bar on a Spanish beach I'd have probably ragequit the game by now but I think I've genuinely stopped caring, let the devs keep doing what they do, it's their game after all, if the player count keeps dropping, well I’ve tried to say what I think is wrong with this game, I’ve been polite about it, I’ve posted where appropriate and I have put serious thought into what I wrote as well as given a few practical suggestions as to how some of the more major issues could be fixed quickly and cheaply and the only response I got was a claim anything I write is invalid and then an accusation of racism. I've tried, I've done my part I can't do anymore. I'll take out the ships I like and do A.I missions till they sink or I get bored and quit. Если бы не тот факт, что я провёл последнюю неделю, сидя в тапас-баре на испанском пляже, я бы, наверное, уже давно угробил игру, но я думаю, что я действительно перестал заботиться, пусть разработчики продолжают делать то, что нужно. они делают, это их игра в конце концов, если количество игроков продолжает падать, ну, я пытался сказать, что я думаю, что это неправильно в этой игре, я был вежлив с этим, я опубликовал, где это уместно, и я поставил серьезно подумал над тем, что я написал, а также дал несколько практических советов о том, как некоторые из более серьезных проблем можно было решить быстро и дешево, и единственным ответом, который я получил, было утверждение, что все, что я пишу, является недействительным, а затем обвинение в расизме. Я пытался, я сделал свою часть, я больше не могу. Я заберу корабли, которые мне нравятся, и буду выполнять миссии A.I, пока они не потонут, или мне не надоест и я уйду.
  10. Ungrateful? No, I am very grateful this game exists and continues to be developed. I am grateful more ships keep getting added in spite of that being one of the most difficult things to model, I am grateful this has not become a f2p pay to win game like it so easily could have been and I am grateful the devs seem to care just enough to listen to us. Short Sighted? No, My biggest complaint has always been the Devs not understanding the game nor the players outside of the small bubble of PvP'ers and streamers they interact with, that they continue to ignore obvious problems with easy solutions in favour of game-changing experimental mechanics that haven't been tested, haven't been discussed and are dropped onto the community with no warning. Outside of anything that is what drives the gulf between the user and the developer, it creates the aura of miss-trust not only for the developers but for the game itself. In a game like this which requires such an extensive grind why would you continue to work so hard when everything you did could be rendered worthless the next month? The fact the players are angry at the devs continuing to do this is not the players being unreasonably selfish, hostile, hate-filled or anything else, it is because they are human and humans worry about the things they care about and the actions of the devs question why they should care when anyone else, when treated with such contempt, would just walk away especially when, according to steam, over 9,000 people have already done so. The reaction you see is not ungrateful, shortsightedness nor hate, it is frustration. Frustration that the players did not get what they asked for, but instead were given a watered down, ham-fisted version of what they asked for and you talk as a Lord from days by gone, pouring out gruel for the poor and starving "well you wanted food and this is food so stop complaining". The seasoned wood does not empower smaller nations, it empowers larger ones....again. Adding in a new "must have" ingredient into the RvR soup, locked behind a permit wall that requires a fleet of well co-ordinated first rates to obtain, not something every nation, nor every clan has, in order to complete the months long grind to build a fleet of first rates at the same standard of a nation that has proven to be able to replace entire fleets six times in one day, else forever be at a disadvantage, unable to bear the loss of a single ship vs an enemy with a near limitless supply who now all have a 10% health bonus. It is not unreasonable for any players, fully aware of the mountain of problems that this will cause, having watched the gap between the have and have-nots widen, to complain and it is short-sighteness on your part to expect them to carry on without comment, knowing dam well if we all didn't complain this catastrophic duck up would never be fixed.
  11. Люди плохо оценивают 4-й уровень, большинство говорят, что Агамемнон - лучший «потому что это так», и они ценят такие жесткие характеристики, как скорость и огневая мощь, по сравнению с реальной боевой способностью. Четвёртая ставка - моя любимая игра, и я ценю Ваппена над Аггой, потому что она быстрее поворачивается и стреляет быстрее, давая вам преимущество, когда она имеет значение. У Лепорарда будут свои сильные стороны, но это может быть не так очевидно.
  12. Я думаю, что разработчики не хотят, чтобы эта игра стала выигрышной, поэтому DLC-корабль никогда не будет таким мощным, как встроенный в игру. тоже извините за мой дерьмовый русский.
  13. Я не понимаю, как улучшение leapord могло бы что-то исправить.
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