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  1. Well it must be all good now cuz I'm in game now. Thank you very much ... Ink... for responding so quickly back to this old timer of a gamer. Good gaming to ya!!
  2. i c ...... thank you for responding ..... good to know ...... I hope thats all it is. Cuz the issues looks to be that same as Jamesbarton posting with the pic he shows and all
  3. New to game.. of naval action. But I can not start game. It load to the point where it asks do you want the "war server" or "piece server". I click on either and nothing happens it doesn't load game. Oh and also below it is not showing the population if its high or low and the other 2 things are showing nothing as well. Sorry i'm so new at the game I can't remember what the other 2 things were.
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