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  1. delaying the hosti for as long as possible is not a reason to keep them tagged?
  2. So if this fails we will get 1st rate HMS victory as DLC ship for 100$?
  3. If you would attend your Nighttimeflips you would meet swedish PB fleets. Only issue for sweden with the PBs is: You can raise the hosti from within the privateerfleetareas. so it can be hard to intercept to get some content.
  4. Dont forget the ottoman empire. xebecs all over the Caribbean!
  5. To overcome the shortages of this hotfix. the community could agree on not flipping a port, which had seen a PB, again until the maintenance. if its clear to the whole community that this is not helpful.
  6. Still no doubt about who has the biggest balls on the server! Love for the spanish!
  7. Maybe admin can check that? I didnt pay attention to it anymore after the actual boarding was going on. Or someone wants to investigate with a "friend" and see if it corrects the value?
  8. The broadside was fired after the pulling was initiaded. and before the actual boarding started. i was perplexed by the two different crewcounts on his side.
  9. So i came across this bug during my recent boarding. He initiated with slighty more crew than me, i than fired my broadside while speeding up and ended up killing ~50 Crew of his and thought i got the safety from my determined defender now. Apparently the boarding calculates with the initial pulling crew instead of the currently available crew. it didnt get adjusted during any round - should have taken another screenshot later on to proof that but it was in the heat of the battle. I would like to know, which crewvalue is being used during the boardingcalculations for attacks, muskets etc. I am not angry, he got to board me. but that he has 50 more crew than is shown in the top right.
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