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  1. Another suggestion: For destruction exam and demast exam, is it possible to increase the time limit from 10 minutes to maybe 15 or 20 minutes? For a completely new player it is hard to finish it in time, the demast exam in particular. Multiple new players from our clan were stuck on this, not because they can't do it but purely because they nearly made it but ran out of time. I think the first 4 exam should not be this hard.
  2. I certainly agree redeem once each reset would be the perfect solution. I suggested 22 hours purely because it is easier to for the developer to change. 1 redeem per reset means developer will have to set up a new code for this. And if the server maintenance changes frequency in the future it also disrupt the proposal.
  3. Alternatively, I suggest change the timer to 22 hours. So If you redeem at peak time, and you lose it within 2 hours, next day you can redeem when you log back on.
  4. Premium access offer double exp. 10 more ship slot, 5 more buildings and 4 more outpost while active.
  5. I agree. Make the enduance exam the "final exam". And rename the final exam to "elite challenge", with the note added to remind the new player that this is a difficult challenge, if they are having difficulty with this they are encouraged to come back later (instead of rage quitting the game). Some of my own suggestion to improve new player experience: 1. Make the reward of all rate 6-7 kill missions a generous amount of reals, instead of doubs. For example currently 6th rate 1v1 kill mission reward gives 97 doubs. I suggest change this to 9700 reals. When new players start out, they
  6. In the online naval action map, there is a bug that if there are any port bonus of hull, or any % armour thickness mod used, navy planking does not work. I am not sure if that is also the case in game, if so navy planking is totally useless.
  7. Overall I support the idea of making loki rune a DLC. Limit to 1 redeem with 24 hour cool down. None tradeable. And same with the Loki rune obtained through other method - none tradable as well. This is to prevent the really good players using loki rune all the time (If they want extra they need to go hunt for it, or to collect the redeem every day and save it). And encourage players of all skill levels to participate in loki battles. I think this DLC would sell much better than the current new DLC ship.
  8. Is there a restriction on what loki rune can get into? Can you get into new player's final exam? Can you join npc port battles? Can you join npc against the raid? Can you join npc in hostility? Can you join into other player's kill missions? Can you join into an elite npc and having an op ship?
  9. I for one was really glad that a good fight was had. Usually in cases of bad timers, the strength different between the 2 fleet are so great and it end up as an empty port battle. Watching our commander and dutch fleet constantly changing tactics and micro managing is like watching a good chess game, I really enjoyed it. Thanks everyone that participated.
  10. GB fleet lead by LAMA has always been excellent in terms of focus fire and protecting their weak ship. And they continued to do so in this battle, even when their formation has been disrupted. I assume the wind was purposely set by the hostility group? It is a very important factor in port battles like George Town and I am glad to see GB is planning this out. And dedicated group of Christians for point capture, as well as the effort to push us away from the fort (I think GB managed to stay clear of the fort for most of the battle), you guys have done everything right. It has been an
  11. Captain Reverse is our guest. The main HAN group is communicating using a separate chat software. GF all.
  12. I am not saying it is hard to build the port or the shipyard up. I am saying it is very easy for it to be lost in certain countries. As of now, the majority of the main crafting ports of all the countries on the map, can be DIRECTLY ATTACKED with 24 hour notice, even during a weekday. Imagine yourself as a clan leader of US, Swedish, France (I am not even gonna bother with polish and prussia), how do you expect to gather 22 L oceans players within a day of notice during a weekday? Even if you are English or Pirate, even if you do manage to gather 22 L oceans, would you have absolute confi
  13. I do have to point out that currently AI battles are challenging for new players, it is very common for close call situations where AI have no structure left but keeps pounding the player ship to the point of nearly sinking. If such change is made, new players will be losing their ships quite often because of this when they are trying to grind their level up. If such change is only restricted to PVP battles I am more than happy to support this.
  14. My suggestion to relieve the current port bonus problem: Give all nations with a capital, a "capital port bonus", which is 3 / 3 / 3 / 3 / 3. Or if this is an overkill, do a mixture of 2 and 3. Every nation's capital bonus can be different, with KPR's bonus reflecting the historical strength and weakness of British ships etc. Why I think this will work: 1. Even with a 3 / 3 / 3 / 3 / 3, this is still inferior to 4 / 3 / 3 / 3 / 3 which can be done at easily at 45 point port, and the different between 4 and 3 is actually pretty big (= a decent mod). 2. Capital does not
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