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  1. This is exactly right. The "fun" in trading comes from: 1) Finding a trade good to exploit for the highest profit for the least time spent and the most acceptable risk. This is player calculation and genuine choice. It is hard. That's what's fun about it. Clicking on a mission and delivering it over and over might be fun the first couple times, but after it becomes obvious there's no decisions or variety or intelligence required, it bores very quickly to the point Id almost rather not do it even if it makes me a butt load of money. Real difficult choice is fun. That's why lots of excel spreadsheet lovers do well in this game. 2) Putting skin in the game, ie being required to make a personal investment ... this makes it speculative, which makes it exciting. Because if it pays off then you got away with it and just got rich as well. It makes it significant. It makes it mean something. Cause the player believed in the trade enough to go for despite the risks, and then feels good about the reward when it comes. You have to stand to lose something significant for it to actually "matter." If you can get caught and killed carrying something very precious (like 1 mil reals in trade goods loaded in 3 indiamen with like 4 hours of time spent in a trade run) things suddenly become very interesting. That's fun. Actualy risk is fun. It's one of the main things agreed upon by long term players of this game. The death of #2 may be the worse effect of the current system. Why EVER buy trade goods when you can get free cargo missions. All you have to do now is get 1 t brig and grind cargo missions. If you get sunk, all you ever stand to lose is that one shitty t brig. You don't even really lose time, cause at this point, i just run these missions afk knowing that even if I forget about it and let my ship sit on land for an hr and then get ganked, who gives a damn. That's not fun. That's a joke. Basically with this system, devs might as well go ahead and just remove trade goods all together, as well as lgvs and indiamen, because they are pretty much redundant (except for logistics runs I suppose, though why not still just use some t brigs for those too?). Plus, and this is almost worse of all, as a privateer, I almost don't even care about tagging a player trader anymore. Cause it's a t brig that I know will be carrying cargo missions. Before it was always this exhilirating little surprise. Whaat is he carrying? And you know, whatever it is, the guy is gonna be hurt you sunk it, and so thats as good as anything. Now, he doesn't care if he dies. So that takes the fun out of killing him. There's so much that's weak about this economy change I can't for the life of me figure out why they did it. For myself, the system was quite great before reset. There was lots of balance. You couldnt ever dominate a single trade good or route cause other players got onto it and competed and pushed you out. I got mad all the time. Which means I was having fun. I made some great hauls and made a lot of money, but I never got stupid rich off it. Cause everything was limited. What I made the most off of was actually capping AI traders for dubs and their loot, which I then stored up over time till I had enough to sail to a capital and make a load of reals. That was fun. Now all I get when I cap an ai trader is a couple hunderd pounds of peanut butter. Sad.
  2. +10000 I didn't even know about this topic started by Zorg and just opened one of my own saying basically the same thing (with added frustration about how irrelevant AI privateering has become) 😆
  3. Before the reset/release I used to like to trade a little to supplement my income. I love trading. And I thought the economic system was great then, and fairly realistic, in that certain ports produced limited quantities of a certain good, which could be sold at a tidy profit if taken to a distant port that consumed it. You could make a lot of money doing it, so I did it. Despite the huge amount of time required. But now, the economic system seems to have become quite arbitrary where you can buy pretty much any given good (there are loads of even rare goods in a capital port) and just take it as far as possible on the map for max profit. It seems to be a sadistic sort of system that seeks to reward players most up for endless hours of mindless sailing (Bermuda anyone?). Sadly what this means is that I will not be trading. I can barely profit at all anymore on a long haul from kpr to cartagena. Thats, what, a 4-5 hour trip? I have to make a 200% profit at least to make that worth my while. I think you're current system is giving maybe a 20% profit. Why? This makes trading pointless. And so it is going to take player-traders off the map, removing tons of pvp content. Before, there were traders running trade routes. And you could go find those shipping lanes and kill them. That was a fun hunt. Now, you have people grinding missions in far corners of the map, running resources to specialized ports in far corners of the map, and pvp in pvp hotspots. All those things are fine and great. i love the specialized port feature cause it makes clans Very invested in their ports now and creates some real precious supply chains. But why remove the entire trade economy? Age of sail trade is something I absolutely love. Patrician is one of my all time fav games, and its just about inter-port trade. As far as I can tell, it's been totally killed now! Lastly, AI traders used to carry meaningful goods and doubloons that made sailing to enemy waters to privateer worthwhile. That was an excellent feature because it made venturing into enemy waters profitable, which led to organic pvp content. Organic pvp content is the most enjoyable. Because it feels realistic and atmospheric. But since I have not once taken a profitable AI trader haul (after 15+ hauls) Im not going to waste my time, because my time is precious. Im really sad about this. Because it feels like the only thing thats good bang for buck to engage in now is the gamey grinding missions. I get bored with those very quick. I dont explore with those. There's no risk or mystery with those. PvP will still and always be fun. I just hope you guys change it back to where its not the only thing, and this game has all the layers and depth of interest for all sorts of players that it can and should have. (I looove the port investment, such a great idea in my opinion).
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