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  1. JACKS is recruiting. We have NA players as well as EU with the majority of the clan speaking English. We are looking to grow our NA time zone with new players. For West Coast PST - Contact Topher Bing or Black Cloud East Coast EST - Contact Tango Fox EU - Hefestus or Mr Meeks o7 Hope to hear from you!
  2. SOLO player? Tired of waiting for your clan to come back? Are you the last man standing in your current clan? JACKS is looking for NA time zone players to join the Graveyard Crew. We have a solid base all around, our EU crew is running strong, currently looking to fill in the other side of the time zones. Need Ships? We got ya Need Cannons? We got ya. Need a group of solid players to join? Yeah we got ya. We have a steadily growing Market in our Pitts Town Port, many max level ship builders both in Baracoa and Nuevitas. If you are new to the game we help all new Captains
  3. You mean like this? Hey there, since the devs strictly forbid advertising in-game, I will be using Discord and maybe Reddit from now on. I'm selling reals, combat marks, ships, books and many more. At this moment we have HMS Victory Note on our shelves for sale and Art of Ship Handling. For details, message me on Reddit (private message) or discord: Black Market#6058
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