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  1. Can you point at where in documentation the devs explain how to fire your cannons with [ and ] during boarding? Is it an exploit when one player does this, because they've gone through the trouble of finding out how to do it? Obviously it's such a basic feature of boarding that it ought to be covered during the tutorial and/or exam on the topic... but it's not. That doesn't make it an unfair exploit. It makes it one of a thousand things you have to learn about this game the hard way due to the lack of proper documentation, and may suffer consequences from before you learn it. When you continue to rant petulantly, it makes it hard for anyone to have a meaningful conversation with you about the topic, which makes it harder for your ideas to be accepted into the game. I think almost everyone can agree that what you'd prefer sounds like more fun - hostility starts at X, if 3 nations want to compete, they all start at the same time and race to finish the missions... instead of the current system where they all start early and the competition is to see which group can click 'leave battle' the fastest... which is a much less interesting skill. That absolutely sounds like a more fun mechanic. So make that suggestion without a tantrum, and people will talk about it. There IS another side to it on the pvp server - the timer is about making sure that port battles happen at a time when the defenders are available to play the game, so the current mechanic is accomplishing that, and making hostilities START inside the window will effectively narrow the window for potential port battles... and that may matter to some players. But when you rationally lay out your suggestion and invite comment from those who either agree or disagree, you're far more likely to get something done, one way or another.
  2. Sailboat races start exactly the way port battle hostilities work, just to show a real world analog. You start behind the line and are allowed to begin moving whenever, wherever, and however fast you'd like... so long as you don't cross the starting line before the starting time. If you cross early, there's a stiff penalty. That's how hostility missions work - you can pull the mission and enter it whenever you want, but if you wrap it up too early, you won't get the points counted... so you have to make the last kill within 15 minutes of the intended time to exit the mission, then pop out as soon as the timer window is open. Once you understand the mechanic, you see how to use it. I'm not arguing that it's the right mechanic - obviously it sounds like more fun for everyone to begin the missions at the same time and race to complete them, rather than everyone to begin the missions an hour early and race to click the 'leave battle' button once the server time clicks over. So the suggestion to change it is a good one, in my opinion. But it's NOT a bug or exploit, it's just a mechanic that could be improved, and wording your suggestion that way is more likely to get a meaningful discussion started with the devs.
  3. Maybe I'm in the minority, but I DO hunt enemy traders to slow down the enemy economy. Every trader full of passengers and cargo that I sink is a few hundred grand that the enemy can't spend on fighting ships, and an hour that guy has to waste replacing the lost earnings instead of getting out and ganking our own noobs and traders. If enough people do this, it CAN affect the national power balance. PVE farming in a good spot is WAY more lucrative for CMs and gold chests than chasing enemy tbrigs and tlynxes around the map. I don't even take 6+7th pvp missions, but I sink every trade ship I see.
  4. @InkI'm having the same issue as @AeRoTR . I can get past steam login, select character, and then get stuck at 'loading.' I can also get into the PVE server, but not the PVP, so there is definitely a problem beyond the steam issues this afternoon.
  5. Or - as a compromise - have a perk that deboosts any enemy ship within range. Would be useful both for the hunters and the hunted, would make it a trade-off players would have to weigh against their other priorities, and wouldn't interfere with the stated goal of getting people to actively sail through the open world faster.
  6. The dubs nerf is all around bad for the game. Not only does it greatly lengthen the grind for players who need dubs to build shipyards and level their crafter... as well as reducing money that people need for competitive mods... but it neglects one of the most important 'secret' functions of trade missions - populating the open world with players to kill/protect. From a game design standpoint, lucrative trade missions were sort of brilliant - they got lots of players out in the water, which drew out gankers, which drew out response fleets. It created organic motivation for combat. If less players are running missions, you've eliminated more content than just the boring trade mission part, you've eliminated entire roles that players were playing. The loki rune has further hurt 'the grind' because now players are going to be more reticent to grind against AI, since sometimes they get smarter and less predictable. A player who might have considered 3 3rd rates right at the edge of what they could handle alone will now pass on that tag, because they don't want to risk their 1st rate if the AI suddenly 'wakes up' and gets tougher. So the 'just go fight for dubs' answer is made more grindy because now instead of attacking 3rd rates, this player is going to only go for 4th rates.. so they go longer between battles and get lower rewards. If the devs want to eliminate all organic combat other than pvp in the patrol zone, just go back to lobby/arena battles. But they steadfastly refuse to do that... while still making all of the other parts of the game less and less enjoyable.
  7. The answer to screening is to use a lobby, I think. Allow enemy ships to enter the port any time after hostilities are completed, and to sit there until PB time, and allow both sides to join from inside port. Either side can still employ a sort of blockade at any time during those 24 hours, but it won't be the disruptive mess that are the 30 seconds before a port battle when an entirely unconnected nation swoops in and changes the balance of power... sometimes as a prearranged assist and sometimes just to troll.
  8. Two simple improvements to fleet mechanics in port. When I assign a ship to fleet... if I have available crew.. . put the crew on the boat. When I try to teleport with a ship in fleet, send the ship to the docks automatically. I promise, none of us think we can catch a flight to Tumbado with a pirate frigate in our check luggage. Just park the boats and teleport us without requiring 30 more seconds of switching to the fleet, sending ships to docks, waiting for the ui to refresh, switching back to outposts and teleporting again. Neither are big deals... but neither should be a big deal to fix either! There's no situation where a person would want to do anything else, so just make them automatic.
  9. Oooh! I have an even better idea! If we just unplug the servers... the game can die immediately instead of having to keep brainstorming ways to strangle it slowly!
  10. I think most of us hate dock campers more than dock hoppers. There's no logical justification for what you're suggesting - in any real world setting it would be absurd for an enemy ship to camp inside harbor and not be noticed until after someone had somehow untied from the dock and rendered themselves unable to return to safety. It just doesn't make sense. If ANY change to the tagging near docks mechanic should be made, it's extending something like the capital zone protections to all owned ports - there should be a small area where tagging is impossible and/or battles should remain open indefinitely within the port's immediate area. Good luck convincing anyone that YOU need more help trolling newbs in trader brigs.
  11. Instead of forcing it on ports at random, make it a mission that anyone can request! If a clan WANTS to defend their port, an officer can go to the port they want to defend and pull the mission. Put rare materials and mods on the ships and a cash bonus if you win, so there's an incentive to do it... and then anyone from any nation that WANTS to play this part of the game can, and everyone else can safely ignore it.
  12. Okay, this should be an easy one. When you get a new private message, it should play an audio alert. Almost nobody responds to private messages within 15 minutes, because they just go at the far edge of the chat window with no notification and we're already used to ignoring several tabs there that aren't immediately useful. Private messages are often of immediate interest. AOL solved this problem in 1997. We can catch up! There can be a checkbox to disable it in settings if there are people who just can't handle a notification sound being added to the game. It could sound like the 'captain on deck' bosun's whistle signal! Or the watch bell sounding. Or a signal gun going off. Or a sailor shouting. Or whatever! But some notification when a new message arrives would be awesome.
  13. I'm having trouble logging in too, and the queue is behaving erratically. My position in queue keeps going up and down... ranging between about 80 and 110... but moving BOTH DIRECTIONS.
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