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  1. Lololuke

    Sound ?

    I didn't reported the problem via in-game bug reporter yesterday, but you advised me well and when I started the game with the update this morning, the sound was here ! Perfect then
  2. Lololuke

    Sound ?

    I finally managed to download (very slowly speed) the game and tried the first tuto. Is there any issue with the sound ? because I didn't get any music or sound at anytime ? Thx
  3. Thank you. By the way, it reached at most 3 seeds / peers in one time since I started to download, but never gone over that.
  4. Greetings all, I just bought the game (alpha) and I am trying to install it. After completion of the UAAoS laucher downloading and installation, it starts now by downloading the files of the game. Unfortunately, the number of peers and seeds are of 2, each of them, so the download speed is really ... hum ... poor. In fact, I guess it should takes at least 2 or 3 days to complete the file of 1402 MB. Is there another way to dowload it more ... quickly ? Why so few seeds/peers ??? Thx u L.
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