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  1. Fun fact, if a human wears glasses that invert their eyesight and make the world upside down, after a few days your brain will actually flip your eyesight to see everything rightside up. Lets just pretend that these captains have had their spyglasses trained to their eye for a few days, so whenever they put it up to their eye they see the world as not inverted!
  2. I'm probably going to head down to Tampa Florida and pay the $45 for a day cruise on Lynx this May. Honestly I have no experience with sail ships at all outside of Books, Movies, and Video games, so I figure I should see if I will even enjoy the experience before I invest any time or money I have into it. I was telling my family about the possibility of volunteering aboard a ship next year for my summer break (so I have time to save for it.).
  3. Oh my God she is beautiful. Would a volunteer sailor be for a day or more? I'm seriously considering doing this for my summer break.
  4. Pray sir, could you tell me if there are any such ships in North East Florida? I really would love to go sailing, but I'm not a big fan of the obsession people have for the Bermuda sloops in Florida. I would just love to experience it for real instead of books and video games, but it seems any traditionally rigged ship are non existent (I guess because of the difficulty of use)
  5. Wait so the Admins are saying that the speed will be a set constant in every scenario and location? Oh my gosh, no. Even Sid Miers Pirate! Has variable wind. Every sailing game I've ever played has had it.
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