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  1. @Knuddel No need to cry. Great Britain got the same issue and hasn't seen any Privateer chests the same week. We're not crying in forum anyway.
  2. Yes, I want to know when they think they'll "adapt BR".
  3. @admin When will BR patch/hotfix released? You said it was going to be released in "2-3 days".. a week ago
  4. Cmon mate, you could literally do it better.. you definitely don't know what you're getting into by trying to troll me.. Anyway, gg, mates told me you played well and we could definitely do it better. 1-1 See you next time at GT!
  5. I see, don't understand the purpose of this, but nevermind! Thanks for the clarification.
  6. Me too, that's why I asked.. but if @Ink asked me a screenshot, maybe it was not so intended. Waiting for an answer, just because I have to start trading that way and I want to understand if I can save my time by placing contracts. Greetings
  7. Hostility is meant to be working like that. If the window is set for 19.00, players need to get out of the hostility mission at that time in order to collect points, not to start it.
  8. No. I just posted an example in Truxillo, which is definitely not an enemy port The problem only occurs when I have to deal with trading goods, by the way. I can easily put contracts for everything else.
  9. For example, in Truxillo, the trading goods that drop in the shop are "Beans" If I open the window for "Place Contracts" and select "Buy contract", and I try to type in "Beans" (I have not selected it, I typed it!) it doesn't give me any options to select, and so it doesn't give me the opportunity to choose the amount and the price (400 reals is for the Almeria Gunpowder, standard item which is selected in the buy contract). As a matter of fact, after typing beans, if I click into Amount, the name suddenly turns into "Almeria Gunpowder". https://imgur.com/a/zMIMqur
  10. Hello, I wanted to start to trade (even though it could be much more profitable if they fixed it...), but I cannot place Buy Contracts for trading goods in the port that drops that precise item. So I would have to keep buying them by continuously checking in the shop, and can't just place a contract to save time. I find it pretty inconvenient.. and useless. Is it a bug, or an intended mechanic? Greetings
  11. A poor Dutch player got stern raked to death. Snow is too powerful
  12. Every battle in the patrol zone, if you try to fight there with a group of people, ends up being zerg zone. Why was the time to join changed from 2 minutes to 10 minutes? Only to let Russia enjoy the patrol, while other nations can't? Before this it was really fun, now it's only a "let's farm the 20k damage, even though we know they will outnumber us immediatly". I got the sensation that this game could be really fun, with some really small changes... Here is an example:
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