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  1. Morgan's Bluff is a really good example of forts being well placed -still not enough to grant a 100% win over the attackers. You just need to play well with your fleet (don't place it in range of the square fort) and properly use the wind. In Haulover opponents have always had the wind on us but didn't take advantage of that, at all. First time we were attacked in Haulover it was iffy, in fact, and the fort wasn't crucial till the end (after swedes kept getting in range of the fort while it wasn't needed).
  2. Haulover PB 16/01/2020 British commander: ItaFrosT/square fort Swedish commander: redii(?)
  3. *Takes main crafting port without giving Danes a chance to defend it* *Danes react* Wtf how do you think you can complain about that and fight us to take it back?
  4. Thanks! Have you ever heard of "auto irony"? It's a nice quality to have
  5. Relax gents! I posted it here only for a good laugh and hopefully to make Havoc have a laugh too P.s. 90% of the content is true... rest is there to make it look funnier in the context
  6. When redii realizes brits are allied with the russians https://www.captiongenerator.com/1626572/HAVOC-clan-meeting
  7. Hahah that is great! good luck
  8. TheDread didn't talk about that. He talked about a loki player deciding to sail away, to give time to players to jump in! And that's unacceptable!
  9. Yes, but you have to agree with TheDread.. In the hostility in particular it can be exploited.
  10. @Knuddel No need to cry. Great Britain got the same issue and hasn't seen any Privateer chests the same week. We're not crying in forum anyway.
  11. Yes, I want to know when they think they'll "adapt BR".
  12. @admin When will BR patch/hotfix released? You said it was going to be released in "2-3 days".. a week ago
  13. Cmon mate, you could literally do it better.. you definitely don't know what you're getting into by trying to troll me.. Anyway, gg, mates told me you played well and we could definitely do it better. 1-1 See you next time at GT!
  14. I see, don't understand the purpose of this, but nevermind! Thanks for the clarification.
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