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  1. A Full complement of crew for the guns and animations of the guns recoil and loading which can turned off in settings for those wilth low end computers Rigging damage again with the option to not see this for lowend pc's Ships names chosen from approved list. the name could be changed if captured but kept in the ships history. Ships crew, officers, midshipmen which can be killed but also gain xp which influence the ship a small amount the option to stay in combat mode and sail for as long as you want travelling to those locations at which they leave
  2. it doesnt suprise me i wasnt the first to suggest it and yes me too. thanks for the reply
  3. As a praposed aid to stop little ships stern camping bigger ships with carronades. during battle, muskets when in range should automaticicly be used by marines and boarding parties organised. on level deck ships even at veryclose range this would have minimul affect on crew fatalies over as most gunmen would be on the weather deck using cover. however big ship on a little ship would be quite devevasting as the lower ship would have no cover have no cover as bullet rain down from above. I am dyslexic so please excuse spelling and grammer
  4. Hi all I am sure this has been suggested in some way or another and have seen on the forums people saying pirates shouldn't be a nation and i agree. So i was thinking as i do that pirates should be something very different a sub game as it were. So stick with me. I am dyslexic. The PVE server The pirate nation is scrapped You have your main character as normal but you can have a second character a pirate character who is very different The pirate character is mortal. he has no levels but reputation to pull in crew. If his ship is sunk he dies. If his ship is captured he is hanged
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