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  1. Hello, me again it would be nice if i can switch between my tribes via + or /, Mouse3 / Mouse4... would be also niice if can sort them in the interface it would be also nice if i can give a camp more then one item at once from the social system, sometime i need 3 or 4 interactions to level one camp up i dont really about this but a benefit for having horses in camps would be nice... maybe more efficiency. some more follower, maybe some DOGST!!!!(or just wolfs ). But I thinks thats to much work
  2. It would be very comfortable to have kind of loadouts for my camps... For example I have a camp to take care about expansion. It produces/gathers all the pelts ropes i need to upgrade my camps. I would like to copy the whole list and give this orders to 4 or 5 other camps too... I would be able to creat 2 or 3 loadouts i need for different situations, this would save me a lot of micro managing.
  3. Pls give my on my radar a N O S W... or only the nord. I would need to open the map fewer times
  4. Hey guys, got 2 bugs. If i lure the enemy, i stuck sometimes. can look around but cant walk.... I think this only happens when i was sneeking, but not sure. After pressing ESC, TAB and everything else, it worked again. was every time very close because of the lured enemy If my tribe gathers autmataclly they take most time 5 arrows, but sometimes 190 or something like that. This is not a bug, but my tribe members often push me into the camp fire... I diede a few times. normaly after fast traveling and saving, if i am in the menu mirco managing something. My tribe members should notbe able to push me, or give a red frame/sounds, somethingthat i recognize i get damage pls. Or simly walk around me
  5. Maybe some kind of parcifistic people on the world map, like native settlements with familys (children and woman, old ppl and a few of warriors) And also a few of the settlers should be parcifistic, maybe some of the citizens.. or some religious.. I dont know if it makes sense Maybe there are other ways to implement more "life" I thinks especially the native families would bring a lot of life to the game.
  6. It would be nice to have more factions... neutral factions like a few settlers who dont kill us from beginning and a few tribes wich dont join you... but this would need some diplomatie, so they can be friend or enemy. And they dont want to claim the land as long as they are your friends. (We can life in harmony, lil bird🙄) I think this is hard to implement in the current concept wit the settler, but maybe somebodey has better ideas how this could be done better. Maybe it would be cool if some AI nativs ans settler have border wars 😈 (this could also be part of the dipomacy system) Hehe yes i´am Mr. Evil But this would bring more dynamics into the game
  7. thx for reply 1. I really dont find a camp like this again.. i tried to find it in 4 new savegames over days.... I made some pics of other struktures but cant upload them, uploaded already 5.2mb... I think you saw them, too. Like a unfinished Fort but taken by natives. I tought i saw some native strukture like that... but it was my first savegame.. maybe i am wrong. If i will see someting like that again, I make a Screenshot I dont want to have bunkers, but i really would like my ppl can cover somewhere . And it should be expensive, for lategame. But I think the settler will not invade liberated sectors, it makes only sense with that. I only had once a patrol in my sector 2. Mount and Blade... I love it!!!!!! Looking forword to M&B II: Bannerlords Yeah I think this would give you so much options, planing a ambush with followers and camp, let them wait in high gras or just overhelm a patrol, go for hunt and have some helping hands for looting... so mutch options.... And this would look soooo good After 20 camps and 10 Forts its fells like the same every time, grab a lot of guys go 2 or 3 times to bring the loot home ect. (I dont want my tribe to send for a attack if i just want to loot with them a camp) I would be also nice to need a perk for it.... should not be to easy or even better only special NPC´s can follow you, like other chef´s of other tibes, historical natives or special settler (someting like that=). Greetings from Winnetou and Shatterhand, my blood brother. 3. I did not try the new inventory in sozial system. But i thinks still building guns with blueprins is anoyng I think they have this now In general it needs a overhaul for camp/tribe management, but there are already threads for that i think Maybe I´m asking to much, but there is sooooo much potential!!!!! Greetings
  8. I really would like to walk while i grabing a settler.... Walking slow backwards with the knife on his neck. would be nice. It would be more realistic and i could also see enemys (I dont want to look around but, but see in the line of the settler sight would be nice and realistic. Normaly i just see the ground)
  9. I started a new savegame to try it again, after 20 min no high expansion rate
  10. Hey guys, I know this was already topic somewhere but i thought this is fixed. I playd about 5 min saved the game an recogniced on my savegame its already day 5... (I just walked to the southern campfire) Okay I was already sceptic. I load my savegame and after 10 more mins the hole map turned red because the expansion rate is so imensive... all at onece.. there was just one message of wood gatherers of the settlers few min before. ( before the settlers where just in 3 or 4 regions i think at Mamati) Also it is already day 7, i walked to the norther campfire in the same night and back.. I dont know should i delete this savegame again? Is time calculaion or expansion rate broke? Or is everything fine and it should be just like this? I am scared it will be to harrd if it is bugged I started a lot of new games because of this.. donoh kind of frustrating. ah btw i took the easy start
  11. I tried this last week, but it seems little buggy (The generation of the mountains/rocks). And it was very hartd to get out of this. It did not seem that i should go there^^ And there was no way for me to set camps there. I hope they will add this as a biom like the woods ect. with own items
  12. Hey there, i really like the game so fare. I got some suggestions. Maybe the community likes this, too. 1. I would like so set up kind of Defense for my campf for lategame. I did not really play lategame so far but I thinkl the raids on my ppl will rise I thought I saw something like that in my current savegame. I maxed out my Camps to 30 but there was no defense around my camp, maybe I can take a Screenshot of it the next days. What do the People who already played the lategame? needed or not? If yes, I would like to see 1 or 2 more upgrades for the camps, without raising memeber number, just setting up defense. 2.Also i really would like to assign some tribe members to me, so they follow me for raids ect. (Maybe only give this option if camp is maxed out) 3. And it would be very nice if i can use materials ect for crafting direct from the camp if I´m inside it. What do you guys think about the points?
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