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  1. OK one point I would like some clarification on... So when I select attack, I notice the AI’s melee goes up (so I assume he chooses defend). So, as soon as the cool down on choosing another command passes, I then select deck guns... but then I notice the AI firepower goes up and he changed his command to respond to mine. How do I time it so it doesn’t react to my command changing? Do I change my command immediately after cool down expires OR do I wait until the last possible second in the turn to change my command?
  2. Hello Everyone, If I was thinking of making an Indefatigable and outfitting it with all carronades in the hopes of being the type of ship to be played as a brawler for kill missions and open sea hunting on PVE server, what would be good wood choices? I’d be trying to get in close right away and just outgun the opponent aggressively. Is it best to just push armor thickness and sacrifice speed and handling (and say pick something like LO/WO)? Is it best to not lose speed and handling and chose something like teak/wo? Or perhaps different combination? Thank you in advance for your responses Raithmore
  3. Wow thank you so much, this is extremely helpful!
  4. Hello Captains! I am new returning to the game after a long hiatus from playing in pre-release. I find that I am not performing as well as I would like in some instances of boarding combat and wondered if you could volunteer some basic strategy towards approaching boarding now that we cannot really see what the opponent is going to do each turn. I have read and am familiar with the ‘rock paper scissors’ part of boarding commands. I also would like to limit the discussion to boarding AI opponents to simplify the discussion since i play most often on PVE server. When you are boarding an opponent the first turn, do you basically fire deck guns first (and every turn it is available) and then just go attack? Since you cannot see what your opponent is choosing, how do you decide when to fire muskets or grenades? Do you just select brace anytime your prep gets low? Is there anything more to it or is it really just sort of guessing each turn? If some of the more experienced captains can describe their thought process for choosing each command when you are the attacking party, I would appreciate it. Thanks for your replies Raithmore
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