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  1. Oh I apologize for the misunderstanding Sir! I often refer to the members of my brotherhood as family! Life is tough in these days as quarantine obliges us to talk with our relatives using the computers or telephones, I miss the hugs. I was pleased to be of help finding the book, it is great to be useful again, after my retirement. Anything you need, here I am. I'm looking forward to sail the Admiral, one kind friend from another brotherhood lend me the ship for one battle and it feels fantastic! Cheers
  2. Greetings Sir! If my memory is right, he is in his 30s. Although I sympathise with him, everytime I leave port there are russians waiting to kill us, doesn't matter if i sail north, south, east or west. Have you been reported of this issue? I don't find normal one country has so many captains and cities. Few days ago I lost my beautiful Implacable to russian captains and I'm still earning the doubloons to build another. Doubloons are so expensive! I can't afford to pay five hundred silver coins for each one!
  3. Greetings Sir! I will gladly try to help you answering your question. First, a bit of brotherhood's history. When we created the brotherhood and started playing together we had a very hard time setting up everything (the shipyard, academy, forge, mines, forests, workshop) as other players didn't want to play with us because we were using capped ships. May sound weird but it took us weeks of work. Back in those days I suffered from stress (my heart isn't young anymore) cause we were always short of gold coins, silver coins, tools and medallions. I can't figured it out how would it be losing my cities. The most pausible outcome would be losing all my peps, my friends, my second family too. We have been lucky so far although when we were under attack a few proposed moving the brotherhood to russia, a place where our brotherhood was going to be safe. Some of the aforementioned members moved to russia as they lost the ports where they had invested tools and gold coins in the forests. Nowadays, our brotherhoods are so short of players that we don't have the means to defend our cities. However, my biggest pain is I can not longer play with those who moved to other countries. I keep me in touch with them but it is not the same. Losing cities is not good, losing friends and family is a tragedy. Cheers, Salazar
  4. I owned a business for 30 years so apologies if I ignore your statement.
  5. Greetings Sir! Long time since last message but I lost the password! (Thanks god my grandson remembers everything, he is so clever, makes me so proud) I wanted to tell you my situation. I have a very nice guy in my guild who loved sailing that ship. I say loved cause he lost it in a unfair fight, he was so annoyed that he was going to quit the brotherhood and remove the game from the computer and then I told him "don't worry my son, admin wrote in the forums we will have it in a few weeks". Now, what am I going to tell him?
  6. Congratulations Sir! Hard work and dedication always gets rewarded in life, sooner or later.
  7. I would love some permits for ships as I can't fight many ships at the same time (lot of stress) and it takes me days, even weeks, to finish my missions. When I finally complete one mission the chest usually doesn't reward me with a permit.
  8. So amazingly detailed ships, Sir! My personal congratulations to your staff, bit sad I can't pay for Redoutable after all the christmas expenses (family first)!
  9. I'm dissapointed, sir. You said before (another thread) Wrecker ship was a crafted ship. Now, I have some dutch friends complaining about this change of mind. They are saying things like "Do you see? Never trust that dev" I keep answering them "He is a very nice person, probably he has made a mistake when he posted that". Then they reply things like "old fellow, stop being so overconfident and blind, he only wants our money".
  10. A truly work of Love, Sir! Who is this Valve guy? Tell him he has ruined my Christmas's gift!
  11. Those are great news, Sir! May I ask when is the new update coming? My family couldn´t buy me the new ship for Christmas and I got a scarf instead (between you and me, it´s not the same)-
  12. Well done but I have a problem, I can't I find the blueprint, sir!
  13. You have nailed it, Sir! A christian for Christmas, brilliant! Is there any news from Redoutable? Think my family is tempted to buy me a gift for Naval Action.
  14. So many new ships! When can we expect to sail them? (I'm screaming like a kid looking at his Chritsmas's gifts)
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