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  1. Congratulations Sir! Hard work and dedication always gets rewarded in life, sooner or later.
  2. I would love some permits for ships as I can't fight many ships at the same time (lot of stress) and it takes me days, even weeks, to finish my missions. When I finally complete one mission the chest usually doesn't reward me with a permit.
  3. So amazingly detailed ships, Sir! My personal congratulations to your staff, bit sad I can't pay for Redoutable after all the christmas expenses (family first)!
  4. I'm dissapointed, sir. You said before (another thread) Wrecker ship was a crafted ship. Now, I have some dutch friends complaining about this change of mind. They are saying things like "Do you see? Never trust that dev" I keep answering them "He is a very nice person, probably he has made a mistake when he posted that". Then they reply things like "old fellow, stop being so overconfident and blind, he only wants our money".
  5. A truly work of Love, Sir! Who is this Valve guy? Tell him he has ruined my Christmas's gift!
  6. Those are great news, Sir! May I ask when is the new update coming? My family couldn´t buy me the new ship for Christmas and I got a scarf instead (between you and me, it´s not the same)-
  7. Well done but I have a problem, I can't I find the blueprint, sir!
  8. You have nailed it, Sir! A christian for Christmas, brilliant! Is there any news from Redoutable? Think my family is tempted to buy me a gift for Naval Action.
  9. So many new ships! When can we expect to sail them? (I'm screaming like a kid looking at his Chritsmas's gifts)
  10. I'm worried, Sir. Over the last few days I have been doing a trade route between cities owned by enemy nations. Those new fleets will kill me on sight! I'm so happy when I drop the cargo into the port, my enemies should be also happy with the money coming from the taxes of my cargo.
  11. Do you require my assistance anywhere else? Cheers.
  12. So efficient, sir! Might I request you to tune the raids? No-one is willing to do that activity, it's outragerous!
  13. It would be so nice if you increased the rewards! No-one is willing to do port raids, they keep saying "it is a long sail old man, also it is quite risky to do a mission in front of a crowded port and the rewards are meh". I miss so much doing activities with more people. Sometimes, I feel so lonely.
  14. Reporting in, sir! I have been doing fleets in the last days, lineships to be more precise, and our broadsides (I was sailing a captured first rate) often destroyed one third, even half, of the enemy´s side, producing also reload shock most of the times. I'm not an expert but I would say a fleet of third rates will have no chance against another of first rates, even if they have number superiority. I'm happy with the news about your family. Congratulations, Sir!
  15. Those are fabulous news, Sir! I always thought that new players have a rough starts if they aren't under the protection of a nice and friendly clan. Do we expect the new missions before Christmas?
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