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  1. Why do the braves run across 2 continents and into forts when i only tell them to get wood?They got ton s of wood around camp. I would love a Autorun assigned button if that is posible.;),
  2. Hi ,thanks for an awsom game i really enjoy it:) maby one of the best i have played. Today i started a new resistanse after the last patch, i palyed for bout n hour or so took out a camp , did som farming so my camp had a little bit of loot. i saved and quit. Then when i logged inn again my camp was gone . At the camps site there was just some braves chilling(as usual):) no lootpoints no tent but all my loot was there when i entered camp throug map(tab). So i relogged and the camp was normal again but all the loot was gone. Just wanted to report it sice its makes the game unplayable. where can i report this? thanks:)
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