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  1. SebMa_

    Fast travel bug?

    Just wanted to fast travel...12h...waited 12h real time... still not "fast traveled" it is atm bugged/impossible? greetings
  2. *Push problem still there, played 10 mins.. enemy % raised to 19 % and i surrounded.. unplayable game for me since almost 3 weeks now...
  3. i had the same problem as well after the patch today. <3% -> 22 % after a couple minutes Reported via F11 -> done
  4. i will check this again and report it with F11 (will try this for all new bugs btw: i love the idea behind this game and guess this will be a rly nice game when finished! keep up the good work
  5. Hey guys, not sure if i am just too noob - but i dont get why warriors take more weapons with them (without ammo!) for gathering even though i already gave them weapons + corresponding ammo. https://imgur.com/z93rnDI Maybe its a bug..and maybe a suggestion might be something like a button for: a) take weapons if available b) do not take weapons at all Greetings, Sebma
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