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  1. Of course it is, pornhub is actually for free!
  2. Players spawned in the air and the ship falls down upside down. Instant loss of the ship.
  3. I thought rl was an urban legend... o0*
  4. @Portuguese Privateer Which Resolution is your Target? I use a 2920x in Gamemode (6 Cores, 12 Threads like the 2600/X) and a Radeon VII with 3840x1080 (32:9, double FullHD) with 70 FPS on the highest Preset. My Card is round about 50% faster than a RX580, so you should reach 70 FPS with half the Pixels in FullHD.
  5. Thank you for the quick response, so i just can recieve the rewards for the final exam because i finished the normal ones. Does that effect the crew size too?
  6. Okay, i don't knew that. When i do the exams can i get all the rewards again or just from the exam which i didn't finished? I just wondered about it and google don't gave me actual infos about it.
  7. Hello, i'm playing Naval Action over Steam. I played for the US and got the Rank Master Commandant (Crew 280). Yesterday i decided to start a new Charakter with Sweden as Nation. I deleted the old and created the new one with a different Name (old is Osama binSwag (US), new is Doomsnail (Sweden). After logging in i saw that the Rank is now Sekundlƶjtnant which can Crew 120 Men. In the Tutorial Interface all Exams are marked as passed (without the final one, i don't try it at least and leveled the Last Rank by trading and PvE). The Rank should be bound with the Steam Account and so
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