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  1. When you are chased by the enemy,their fire is so accurate even if theres no way they can "spot" you being trees and bushes between us.Sometimes even being crouched behind cover they see you as if theres nothing between you and the one chasing you.They fire from far far out and their fire being verry accurate.EVEN if they are armed With short range weapons. What does the numbers mean on a weapon if it says say 20m for a shotgun or even less?? That 20m is effective range or??
  2. Would be Nice if we had an option to set the agressivness of the enemy.Have time to expand yourself at a comfy pace😁 Like a more defencive "normal" and "agressive" setup...😀
  3. Karma as it is should never have this big impact on the game.Getting bounced by a patrol,and defending yourself gives you bad karma is plain stupid...Been wondering why the enemy allways finds me no matter what... The more i play the game,the less i like it.The gunnery is messed up,short range weapons is effective at great distances and verry accurate….The worse Your karma,the better accuracy for enemies??
  4. I get spotted and shot by and hit,even if there is no line of sight.Is this something that will be looked into?
  5. Sounds great,and ty for Your quick reply:)
  6. Yes,those having shotgun firing from far far out and still hits and wounds you...Hoping this will be looked in to.Its a Close range weapon,and should not be fired as it was a sniper rifle...
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