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  1. Well as the ports don't matter you could just give it back and then continue with your pvp missions. But I guess you'll just do pvp missions at Maracaibo next
  2. Comrade Letnab, Ram Dinark, Lenin x2, Tiargo, Knuddel, Fat Thor, all noob who only started playing yesterday, indeed.
  3. Obviously yours for not finishing the Russians when you had the chance.
  4. Woah, why so salty. Remember that it was the Dutch and the Swedes continously helping you getting into PBs against Russians. Without them you would've stopped playing the game even earlier. Russians made more than one mistake yesterday. They also kept hugging the coast before the battle, so it was kinda hard for the Dutch getting the wind in OW.
  5. So you managed to sink a bunch of NPC captured 1st rates equppied with medium guns and basic upgrades which only had the intention to keep you out of the port, gg. When it mattered you lost.
  6. Maybe you just suck at getting rid of sterncampers.
  7. When a guy with nine alt accounts complains about upgrades being to expensive, it tells you something about the economy of the game ...
  8. It's ironic how little content is to be had in the US/CAN timezone, yet Naval Action has the most sales there.
  9. Sounds like the Dutch actually have fun while you waste your time in empty port battles
  10. Keep tellling yourself that Russia is not a zerg. Accoring to @qw569 in September 2019 Russians crafted 295 first rates ONLY in Vera Cruz. The Dutch build 141 first rates in Maracaibo and the Brits 129 in Truxillo. Add another 48 first rates from New Orleans and 41 from Campeche to the Russian numbers and you end up with 384 first rates for the Russians. Adding the 76 first rates build in Coro to the Dutch roster, it's still "only" 217 first rates crafted in September on the Dutch. Other nations simply cannot keep up with Russian numbers, please stop pretending that Russia isn't a powerhouse.
  11. I simply said if you want PVP, go to PVP server. Then I asked why traders should not be a valid target. I haven't go an answer to my question, but instead I was met with toxicity from you PVE guys.
  12. Give me one good reason why enemy traders should be left alone on pvp server.
  13. Go to PVP serverif you want PVP. Oh no someone attack my trader on PVP server, that's so toxic, I go back to PVE server.
  14. 😂 Admit it Massimo, you are a ganker and you know it.
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