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  1. I did not use anything else. Today it works for 2 Hours. After this time it happened again and getting worse… Now, every time a battle starts I get a disconnect and after the battle I loose Connection in the open world after About a Minute. Unplayable this way… :-(
  2. I did th efollowing test, directly after Connection lost in the ope world for 2 times within 1 min: 1219600
  3. Report Number: 1219448 Hope it will help...
  4. Thx, for your help, but Problem still exists :-(
  5. Dear folks, since three days I have got Problems to hold the connection to the game. 1. Whenever a battle is starting, I get sticked to the loading screen. So I have to reconnect and most of the time I can fight afterwards normaly. (sometimes I have to reconnect twice) 2. After the battle I often loose Connection a few seconds back in the open world. In this cases I can use ingame-chat, camera movement, but I have got no ship-control any longer. After reconnection, everything runs normal, until the next battle. Than everything is repeated... This error/problem suddenly exis
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