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  1. I saw bad karma has some benefits now too. Does anyone know what are the benefits for good and what are the benefits for bad Karma?
  2. Does more warriors automatically join my land with good karma? I have the best Karma but havent this feeling. I got a lot of warrior which got released from jail when i intimidated soldiers but warriors from other land join me very very seldom. So i had a time with tons of warriors and not enough camps but now i almost get no new warriors. And my Karma is the best i can have. Or is there anything i have to do that more warriors join me automatically? And if they join does they always come into the main ( the starter camp) or does they join the other camps too? Thanks for all helpful
  3. Is there a way to delete the killed warrior icons on the map. i see every single killed gatherer who got killed on the map. Can i delete this because its getting really annoying or does the icons disappear from alone over time?
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