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  1. Latest patch changed a little this issue
  2. Why do I still see that " Your content will need to be approved by a moderator " ??? Is it normal that it takes so long before a post can be approved?!
  3. Hallo there to rveryone ! I am the Main CO-Modder of GABRILDURO's Western Mods for Mount&Blade and I am also a passionate expert of Old West history and life style I always tried to cooperate with DEVs when a Western game project was announced. I will see if YOU are interested in my help or not I think that for a much larger and amusing open world the game sould be set at the end of 1860s, with some issues of the Civil War and of the Mexican French invasion going on (just like in 1860s Old America) In 1870s actually Natives had really low chances to fight back civilization... TLIML is the very first and unique project that has an OLD WILD and real WESTERN setting in an open world game. Not even RDR2 can be compared because it is set in early 1900s when the Natives were all won and closed in Reservatio This game is UNIQUE in its kind so here are some important suggestions that DEVS should take in serious consideration: - 1 make all sounds much louder, like twice the volume they are now. Moving, jumping, shooting, splashing...even going trough bushes. Make them so that AI of enemies can detect them according to distance - 2 develope what you already have and improve that, before adding new stuff - 3 make it more old western feeling with more music and sounds and animations. Check old movis before 1950s for the right wild frontier athmosfere and expecially thrilling hostiles music(modificato) - 4 add fear to the game. Make AI to get gradually more and more scared when you kill them silently or when you surprise them jumping on them with a loud warcry !!! Also make them more corageosu and arrogant when you get hit or surrounded - 5 add some Native RENEGADES that coop with your enemies. Maybe following some white scalp hunters. Make them more skilled and dangerous than pioneers and workers. Make them a real tough and dangerous group to be afraid of.(modificato) - 6 add some Half-Blooded Trappers that hunt around and that are good or bad to you according to your attitude with them. Make it so that you can coop with them and them with you. You can also make that you can play with them when they are part of your group - 7 the Main Character should never really die. But you should be able to play with other AI companions and get them skilled. They will die though if some situations are too dangerous when you senf them automatically to missions with their AI. Just like in MGS5.
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