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  1. Hey guys, I've got two problems on my hands with the Battle of Salem Church. Firstly, the Battle of Salem Church occurs directly after the Battle of Chancellorsville. However, I cannot visit the camp to reorganise a smaller corps of only 10 brigades to fight the battle. I did not have a 10 brigade corps available at the time, but because I can't go to the camp, I cannot make one to fight the battle. This means that I literally got stuck on the campaign, unable to deploy to battle. This problem has already forced me to restart the entire Battle of Chancellorsville once because I can't prepare for the Battle of Salem Church. Secondly, when I restarted the Battle of Chancellorsville I raised a brand new corps with 10 brigades in preparation of the Battle of Salem Church which was to follow. However, these brigades were only 500 men strong when I started the Battle of Chancellorsville. At the camp between Day 1 and Day 2 of the Battle of Chancellorsville, I reinforced that new corps so that each brigade had 1200 men. However, after I won the Battle of Chancellorsville, the brigades spawned in the Battle of Salem Church with only 500 men, instead of that 1200 men that I had reinforced the corps with on May 2. This is all very frustrating. Does anyone know of any work around for this and will there be patches to fix these two problems in the future?
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