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    Meat Traps

    Currently the meat traps do not disappear no idea if intended or not but i assume so. so im reporting it. Currently you can have a infinite amount of bears regardless of biome. and can drop 10+ traps and have hundreds of bears spawning every 5-20min or being reset on a game restart allowing infinite SP and or glitching the game. this may need a fix as this feels not intended maybe they should only last x amount of time? this can be broken if used by your own camp and just kills all your warriors.
  2. Is there a female playable option down the road and warriors having random looks? Is there a building system planned something along the lines of like rust? but smaller i.e placing defenses or making your own camp look. i see using forts to settle this is a cool option . Is lumberjack , mining , smithing so on planned? im guessing so since it fits the style and makes sense you could clear a forest out to supply yourself with wood. or ores to craft say more deadly arrows. Is animal taming planned? such as maybe taming bears or wolfs or foxes or boars and using them to defend or attack with you.? Any co-op planned? i know this would likely be a big feature to play with a friend or my other half co-op based. A big question while the game seems made around stealth.. is being no stealth even a option or does it break the game so far from my 1st playthrough full stealth it seems is only way to go. im on my 2nd now doing non stealth and seems quite even more fun trying to brute force stuff but seems pretty punishable i.e forts having 100+ soldiers lmao was not expecting that either way the game is fun and beautiful and im enjoying it . so far made me quit games like 7 days to die and few others hopefully game wont require stealth so heavy eventually as i can see that being a big push away for a lot now days who just love to kill and be a savage chief who takes no crap from others.
  3. Make the last 2 tiered bows last longer vs AI. seems atm they only last long vs animals but break a few shots in vs AI. Allow the game to run tabbed out? seems to pause when tabbing out maybe as a option? Make Heavy/medium/toxin arrows maybe give 10 instead of 5 for the increased cost? seems rather insanely grindy to get just few arrows or reduce the cost of wood/sin to 5 not 10? since they need a rare animal part. only seems fair instead of double the cost on top of a new mat. Maybe a option to re-use the settlements you knock-out maybe setting up camp in say forts give to say have a benefit. clearly they do if you were to settle in one it would make taking forts somewhat strategic. Add woodcutting to the game. im assuming this is planned but being able to mine/cut trees would be huge for resources being able to steal the axes you find in-game maybe and give them to a camp to harvest wood faster or mine resources maybe a way to add smithing.
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