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  1. Then maybe devs could use the situation Poland is in to test real Pirate/Outlaw mechanics. Outlaw battles, port raiding not capture, ability to modify captured ships, increased boarding bonuses all ships etc.
  2. Which is why Polish players must have the biggest balls of all. Especially when Prussia pulls off a dick move and decides to take their only remaining port/admiralty. Before then on Nation chat at least a couple of people would say hello, now there isn't even that. Still no ports makes Poland the servers only real Pirate/Outlaw Nation and that's fine by me.
  3. @SilasCole Yes you can play NA solo and not craft. I've played hundreds of hours solo since release and haven't crafted a single ship or used DLC ships. Add to that level of difficulty two months ago I moved from Nation Black to Poland. You can play NA without a clan and without crafting, it just takes some adapting. The main benefit in doing so is that 100% of your time goes towards what you really enjoy in NA for me that's raiding in enemy waters. I don't participate in Patrol Zones, RVR and have only screened for friends a handful of times. I especially never do any trading or PVE.. How to obtain ships, mostly from capture, buying a cheap ship like a Prince or Snow at Ship Auction , use the massive amount of dubs you'll accumulate from PVP to buy ships you want from friends in other nations or trade the captured ship you don't want for something you do. If like me you especially enjoy sailing only 6th rates Prince or Snow (my main and only ship since release has been the Prince) playing solo and not crafting is very viable and a lot of fun.
  4. What on earth do you need 2b reals for on PVE server?
  5. While a 6th rate might not be worth a DLC, combining two or three 6th rates into one DLC would be. Throw in a 6th rate trade ship and that could make for a nice starter pack for new players. Secretly I was hoping to see the LGV Refit make a return as DLC but as per your latest dev notes, returning in any format is good news.
  6. DLC ships aren't P2W but they are definitely Pay to Play unless like me you are happy to sail cheap 6th rates or have hours a day of free time to grind towards the crafting or purchase of ships you want to use. But that's how devs generate DLC sales, by making the alternative a time consuming pain in the ass.
  7. @admin need to look at this urgently more people are reporting ships lost, I just encountered same bug lost a Prince.
  8. I enjoy mast sniping but only through the stern.
  9. China has never had a blue water navy only regional and certainly nothing during the time period this game is set.
  10. I'd just like to know why this community uses the term Green on Green instead of Blue on Blue.
  11. Poland I think three is a little low, there is at least six, although a couple could be alts.
  12. Congratulations Devs, impressive especially considering the price, goes to show people are willing to pay for quality. That and the changes to make crafting ships as time consuming as possible is paying off in DLC sales.
  13. Brits remember the Battle of Cape St Vincent 15 British Ships of the Line vs 24 Slowly the shapes of the Spanish ships loomed out of the thinning mist, "like Beachy Head in fog" noted one officer. Sir Robert Calder, the captain of the fleet, counted them: "There are eight sail of the line, Sir John" "Very well, sir" "There are twenty sail of the line, Sir John" "Very well, sir" "There are twenty five sail of the line, Sir John" "Very well, sir" "There are twenty seven sail of the line, Sir John" "Enough, sir, no more of that; the die is cast, and if there are fifty sail I will go through them" Meanwhile, the Canadian Captain Hallowell became so excited that he thumped the Admiral on the back, "That's right Sir John, and, by God, we'll give them a damn good licking!"
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