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  1. Urchin

    Quarantine Stories

    Toby is now working from home...
  2. Yes stern camping is OP, so devs gave ships the ability to reverse like speedboats. Biggest void is musket fire between ships during battle, then stern camping wouldn't be an issue and ships wouldn't need the arcadish sailing model to counter it. Yes devs seen that image and reference before, absolutely no correlation between that and sail model in game, can't see a ship the size of a Connie stopping and then sailing backwards within the same time, distance and speed as this game.
  3. Pirate Nation? Blah.. You should of moved to Poland the servers only real outlaw nation.
  4. Urchin

    Quarantine Stories

    An even better version updates in real time. https://www.bing.com/covid
  5. Urchin

    Quarantine Stories

    Hopefully this never starts to spin at a rate like the US debt clock. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qgylp3Td1Bw
  6. Urchin

    Quarantine Stories

    Wouldn't be surprised if Trump and everyone around him for past few days doesn't have it. Thoughts and Prayers dumb asses. Trump Carrier.mp4
  7. Urchin

    Quarantine Stories

    Self isolation isn't that bad, we have NA and DCS - This possibly best game promo I've ever seen.
  8. Urchin

    Quarantine Stories

    New Zealand. No changes to life here, plenty of toilet paper in the supermarkets no crazies emptying shelves, kids are going to school, people still going to restaurants , malls are still busy, people taking public transport etc wouldn't notice any difference except a couple large gatherings have been cancelled. Company has contingency plans in place for majority of people to work form home but I've already been doing that for past several years so no change.
  9. Question is for both Dreadnoughts and Ultimate Admiral Age of Sail. 3440x1440 resolution? UI and Fonts scalable? @Ink Thank you.
  10. $20 for 10,000 Dubs, I'll sell you 100,000 Dubs for $100 lol DLC ships aren't P2W but they are definitely P2P if you want to sail decent ships and don't have the time to treat NA like a second job.
  11. Then maybe devs could use the situation Poland is in to test real Pirate/Outlaw mechanics. Outlaw battles, port raiding not capture, ability to modify captured ships, increased boarding bonuses all ships etc.
  12. Which is why Polish players must have the biggest balls of all. Especially when Prussia pulls off a dick move and decides to take their only remaining port/admiralty. Before then on Nation chat at least a couple of people would say hello, now there isn't even that. Still no ports makes Poland the servers only real Pirate/Outlaw Nation and that's fine by me.
  13. @SilasCole Yes you can play NA solo and not craft. I've played hundreds of hours solo since release and haven't crafted a single ship or used DLC ships. Add to that level of difficulty two months ago I moved from Nation Black to Poland. You can play NA without a clan and without crafting, it just takes some adapting. The main benefit in doing so is that 100% of your time goes towards what you really enjoy in NA for me that's raiding in enemy waters. I don't participate in Patrol Zones, RVR and have only screened for friends a handful of times. I especially never do any trading or PVE.. How to obtain ships, mostly from capture, buying a cheap ship like a Prince or Snow at Ship Auction , use the massive amount of dubs you'll accumulate from PVP to buy ships you want from friends in other nations or trade the captured ship you don't want for something you do. If like me you especially enjoy sailing only 6th rates Prince or Snow (my main and only ship since release has been the Prince) playing solo and not crafting is very viable and a lot of fun.
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