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  1. I would add also: - able to give orders to your tribe members how to act. (be aggressive, defensive, follow only the order, stealth, etc.) I gave the order to one member to fill up another camp and could follow his movement on the map. Since the camp was close to a fort he stopped and turned towards the fort to attack it, instead of continue his task. The other tribe members who were close in the camp and didn`t have any orders, immediately chased to the fort and got also killed, so I had to wipe out a whole fort by myself and pick up all the weapons again which they lost. I mean natives were awesome scouts/hunters, so why the should act like fools and run immediately into direct confrontation like suicide bombers.
  2. sorry don`t see the point. If I am hiding behind a wall (fort) I don't want to have gamma vision to see through it to see what is behind it. It is not realistic. Same goes for bushes. I like it, as it is. So you can focus on hearing. Nowadays people tend to much to easy mode.
  3. Hi Ink, will there be also rain, snow etc. ? (different weather effects)
  4. Hi, received your mail. I will send it as soon as it crashes again. Yesterday I had a good run with no crashes.
  5. Hi Ink. Just started to play and had the same problem. Loaded savegame. Once loaded jumped on the horse to ride to a camp and game crashed after 5 minutes while on the way. Will send you a mail in a few minutes.
  6. if it occurs again I will. Now I have freezes once I start a new game as soon as I want to name the chief in the trainwagon. (since 1. save will not load correctly. I am spawning but no camps are visible on the map and game crashes. This happened 4 times now) It freezes completely my PC. I deinstalled the latest invidia driver since I was thinking it is the grafic driver. After the new installation the game freezes exactly while I was entering the name.
  7. having the same problem at the moment. It is saying that i am still playing. Killed the launcher and changed even the password as suggested in the launcher. Yesterday the workaround worked. Now even after the password change it is saying that I am still in the game.
  8. great, thanks. Will do that.
  9. one question: I purchased the founders package and have a question about the ancester bow. Can I recraft the bow if I get killed and get looted or is that item lost for ever?
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