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  1. 1. you are right. I misunderstood OP`s problem. 2. regarding "it is not realistic" I wrote it because of point 1. (view) but thanks for your explanation about realism. I know we are not talking about a hardcore game like Escape from Tarkov. Regarding weight, let me think about it. Uhmm yes, I think I could carry 3 bows, pistol and rounds, tea and random plant etc. and still sprint and run for longer distances. Guess with my full mount in military I had more heavier stuff on me. 🙂 3. I care about it even if it is a single player and if it would become also a multiplayer even more. Of course those guys will then cheat with wall hacks, so yes it should not be an option even in a single player.
  2. well then we need to address that to the developers. I didn`t use it yet (meat bait) my Ancestor Bow is a big help. 🙂 but traps yes. They are very helpful.
  3. why don`t you use wolves or bears for help? you can create baits! Also Traps. It is a stealth game but not Assassins Creed (the one man army)
  4. If you want to put, lets say 40 arrows in your camp, use the Shift key and it will put all the stack in.
  5. In my opinion: -If the wolves hunt in packs it should be dangerous. -Lone wolves should act less aggressive. -Bears are dangerous and get more aggressive when they get attacked and are injured. If we inflict critical damage they should stop chasing.
  6. I would add also: - able to give orders to your tribe members how to act. (be aggressive, defensive, follow only the order, stealth, etc.) I gave the order to one member to fill up another camp and could follow his movement on the map. Since the camp was close to a fort he stopped and turned towards the fort to attack it, instead of continue his task. The other tribe members who were close in the camp and didn`t have any orders, immediately chased to the fort and got also killed, so I had to wipe out a whole fort by myself and pick up all the weapons again which they lost. I mean natives were awesome scouts/hunters, so why the should act like fools and run immediately into direct confrontation like suicide bombers.
  7. sorry don`t see the point. If I am hiding behind a wall (fort) I don't want to have gamma vision to see through it to see what is behind it. It is not realistic. Same goes for bushes. I like it, as it is. So you can focus on hearing. Nowadays people tend to much to easy mode.
  8. Hi Ink, will there be also rain, snow etc. ? (different weather effects)
  9. Hi, received your mail. I will send it as soon as it crashes again. Yesterday I had a good run with no crashes.
  10. Hi Ink. Just started to play and had the same problem. Loaded savegame. Once loaded jumped on the horse to ride to a camp and game crashed after 5 minutes while on the way. Will send you a mail in a few minutes.
  11. if it occurs again I will. Now I have freezes once I start a new game as soon as I want to name the chief in the trainwagon. (since 1. save will not load correctly. I am spawning but no camps are visible on the map and game crashes. This happened 4 times now) It freezes completely my PC. I deinstalled the latest invidia driver since I was thinking it is the grafic driver. After the new installation the game freezes exactly while I was entering the name.
  12. having the same problem at the moment. It is saying that i am still playing. Killed the launcher and changed even the password as suggested in the launcher. Yesterday the workaround worked. Now even after the password change it is saying that I am still in the game.
  13. great, thanks. Will do that.
  14. one question: I purchased the founders package and have a question about the ancester bow. Can I recraft the bow if I get killed and get looted or is that item lost for ever?
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