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  1. I guess I will have to wait even longer for everyone to get along and kill russia
  2. Only when playing against people who are really good with 100 prep each and full boarding mods which will never happen; unless you start on top of each other in battle. Any of the above missing, Every, Single, Time.
  3. It's rock paper scissors accept: once you know how to do it, you know what move everyone will make, Every, Single, Time.
  4. most people are poor in game, most don't make a profit enough to afford maintenance on ships, building and outpost ---- without outposts, building and ships they wont make enough to afford maintenance on ships, building and outposts, you see the problem. you want to decease people with millions make them pay more for their ports considering it will be the large clans earning the most profit. don't punish the players who don't make millions by adding a free for all tax to everyone whether they have a lot of cash or not.
  5. I just want a ship that breaths fire from the bow. But would be nice to have something on our sails
  6. I find the Pavel to be better than the buccentuare. Frigate I like too more than suprise or essex, it's a great ship, shame its not shallow but hey still good. Mercury is cool with carros. 3rd rate is terribly pointless. Tbh I find noone truly tries these ships. No idea why people think they are so bad.
  7. I like the pavel, its a nice ship.
  8. I think its balanced just fine, It should be devastating really, but with how easy it is to rake someone, and the way boarding works, its fine.
  9. Would be better if there was a way to come to an agreement in battle with mechanics to back it up. I.e a trade window to negotiate a surrender.
  10. Explosive mortars Double damage mortars MORTARS
  11. Another recurring topic about the same thing that had happened many a times before. Guess what nothing changed then, Nothing will change now.
  12. I'm talking about search and destroy missions here gentleman Not trashy pve ones
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