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  1. "Russian tyranny" Yet soo many have ALTs over there with Thier own little economy whilst pretending to actually be in another nation. When Vera Cruz falls. I'll believe that people actually don't like Russia instead of everyone actually loving them
  2. The only people review bombing are those with Russian ALTs pretending to play for another nation, while secretly stopping any attack on Vera cruz
  3. The state of the community. Hmmm. Secretly all russian pretending to hate them while not attacking them.
  4. How funny is it that the only ones with the stones to attack Russia are the AI
  5. That's all good and well. But let's be honest you haven't sink anyone
  6. Is it relevant though. They should only put contracts in ports that can't be captured within 5 days? Name 1. In fact don't. Because it's not relevant.
  7. It certainly means I won't have to : 1 look for traders, 2 sail far to sink them.
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