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  1. Is it relevant though. They should only put contracts in ports that can't be captured within 5 days? Name 1. In fact don't. Because it's not relevant.
  2. It certainly means I won't have to : 1 look for traders, 2 sail far to sink them.
  3. So when people play on weekends only and find their port is an enemy one now. They have to still sail over to delete a contract just because. Now that is pointless.
  4. You sure you don't mean bidding ends at 2?
  5. Russia isn't the problem. The fact nations are too lazy to talk to each other and plan a mass attack. Is the problem. There's always going to be a zerg.
  6. So french said their ship was the best there was. Imagine that.
  7. Yeah because 1st rates being cheap and available for everyone before worked so well.
  8. What's funny is that you all think he's being serious.
  9. Breaking news Pirates are acting like pirates
  10. Looks like your in fireshock because your crew are throwing all the water overboard.
  11. no need to remove them, everyone is used to them now
  12. so we small nations can go screen out zergs from defending against ai, its hilarious will bring content, I love it.
  13. why do you need "official" alliances, just talk to someone from another nation, BOOM Russian threat dead, alliance wont defeat Russia or whatever, if you cared that much you would have already killed them off, you wont work any harder to defeat the zerg just because officially your allowed too, you will do the same as now, "nothing"
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