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  1. when they take a good hard look at themselves, instead of sinking noob clans like shock xd
  2. I think it doesn't matter what people continue to say about rvr. Because for some reason Devs won't change. For whatever reason they changed it anyway.
  3. "Against a decent captain in a snow" Against a decent captain in a traders brig with 3 in fleet, a snow is a walk in the park.
  4. what was wrong with flags anyway or 6 / 4 / 3 / 1st rate port battle system. or attacking any port what was wrong with all this that devs decided it needed changing. absolutely nothing (well minor things)
  5. say what you want about NN, but they were the only Russians (French XD) who bought ships that weren't 1st rates, in a small enough group to have a fair battle. I.E. 3rd rates.
  6. what BF and reverse fails to understand is: these small nations don't have 20 players who: A - have a 1st rate B - can crew a 1st rate. so all this talk of being afraid of BF means nothing, it is simple logistics, come back with 3rd rate fleet if you actually want a fight.
  7. Like most things. Of it was true it would be on video. Considering the amount of time this has supposedly happened....
  8. Wish Devs would think about making a poll before comming up with brilliant ideas
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