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  1. I think the wipe is great. This is coming from someone with a very limited play time so it will take me forever to get back where I was. I enjoy starting over (I have even reset my profile once by free will). I do not understand why you guys think this game is grindy. If you think battles and trading are grindy then why the hell did you get an age of sail simulator? I have expected this wipe was to happen and think that it would be stupid for the devs to let us keep all our stuff. But Developers, I have a suggestion: Do not increase the price. At least not a lot. I have tried to get my friends in NA and they are all somewhat interested but the price is what keeps them away. Please do not increase the price, or just not by much. Thank you! RuusterIV
  2. I agree that would be pretty stressing especially on my PC. Great point! XD My friend has PS and I know what you are talking about! XD I LOVE this idea! It would be very similar to what I said but way less stressful on PCs! You should continue expanding the idea to more people. Yes I think we do. Crippling a ship via dis-masting, etc. blah blah blah... was a huge part of naval warfare. You see in paintings bits of rigging/masts/spars dangling all the time. And most of the time it wasn't the entire mast. It could be a topmast, or spar etc. So I am not saying to make the whole mast fall over in an instant, just have more types of damage maybe. Thanks for the replies guys! This is one of my first two posts here!
  3. So you guys are all making great points. I can certainly live with how the game is now because I LOVE Naval Action. But to be honest this triggers me a lot. This game is supposed to be an age-of-sail, history, simulator type game. That is why I love it. Besides the farming thing Papillon stated and displayed (and quite well at that) I do not see the argument against this and i hope I will understand better.
  4. I believe chain-shot should damage rigging. Historically it wasn't just used to put holes in sails, but to cripple a ship by taking out its rigging. I think that we should see some rigging shredded in this game and when you take some damage to specific cables the specific things they do become unusable. Like you can't raise, or set a sail anymore till it is repaired. Or rigging might weaken masts because of less support after being shot away. Or even a yardarm might fall off. Also when you get dis-masted the mast shouldn't just disappear. In real life the mast would be stuck to the ship by rigging so it would act as a sea-anchor dragging in the water.
  5. Rediii. Danmark-Norge still plays. We are just somewhat low on players.
  6. There is one thing that gives me cringes every-time I go commerce raiding, or even just get into a battle with a warship. The problem is that is is very counterproductive to capture a ship. Because it doesn't count as a kill! You don't get kill points for capturing a ship! This makes it so that it is more profitable to scuttle a ship than take it and sell it for prize money. Historically sailors and captains tried to capture every ship they could and send it back for prize money. But in NA for some reason sinking a ship is worth more. I think the game would be 100% better if a boarding win counted as a kill. Or a surrender counted too. But I am not saying that if you board someone then scuttle their ship it should count as two kills.
  7. I agree, I think all tows should be removed but if not this is a good compromise. And this is coming from someone who has a VERY low play time.
  8. I agree with this fellow, I don't like to do trade runs, but I do for the money.
  9. I think those alliances would be great, after all the kingdoms decide alliances and not us so it would be good to have game alliances.
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