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  1. Hello y'all. I've got another question. So I've been reading a lot lately and a fairly frequent struggle (it seems frequent anyway) it seems is lack of powder and shot when training crew. Will we experience this type of thing in game? I would think it would be super cool to be trying to train your crew but due to lack of supplies not being able to train gun crews etc.. So yeah, will we see this kind of problems during crew training?
  2. Suggestion 1: This applies to the pirate career. You should make playable the first acquiring of a ship, like so you can play the initial mutiny or theft of a ship. Suggestion 2: Closely related to the first suggestion is to have a "random mode" for the pirate career. This would randomize the ship you get because if you start off working for a merchant, privateer, naval ship you don't get to choose which ship you are on really. So say you start on a merchant ship, crew mutinies and you are one of the mutinying crew, and you guys succeed, well now you are stuck with this ship. Maybe it is
  3. I asked that in the Q&A but no response yet, so you should check there every now and then so once they answer you will see.
  4. Question 1: The pre-order page on the website doesn't show a place to pre-order. When and where will we be able to pre-order, & when will this be available to play? Question 2: How much do you expect this game to cost? Question 3: Will the game be so much of a simulation that real life knowledge of how ships work will help? Question 4: Exactly how simulationy will this be? I personally LOVE extremely stimulationy games and this sounds like that so I have my hopes up. Question 5: Will there be a way to negotiate with someone you are attacking or who is attacking you to s
  5. WELP. Smh I fixed it by restarting the PC. Should have done that way sooner. Thanks for trying to help me!
  6. I still can't figure out how to fix it. It gives a bug report which it says would be great to send to the devs. How do I send a bug report to the developers?
  7. I don't think so, I can't right now but I can try later probably.
  8. I just reinstalled and still problem, it gives me a crash report and thats it.
  9. Okay, so here is what has happened since I last played NA. I hopped on NA to buy some trade goods before going to bed, then I went to bed. I woke up and now NA doesn't work. Stormworks: Build and Rescue just updated a workshop content a few minutes ago, but not before the problem. That's it.
  10. I don't see anything about it being blocked by malwarebytes I am going to try to reinstall again, we will see what happens.
  11. I will try, idk how but I will figure it out.
  12. Still same crash as usual, I tried all of those things
  13. Sorry Idk if this is where I ask for help for this, but I didn't see anywhere else better. So I load in the game, and click the server and then it crashes. I don't know why because it worked last night, but it keeps doing this. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling from Steam, but I am getting the same result. It isn't a Steam issue I am pretty sure because all my other Steam games work fine.
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