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  1. the prettiest ship in the game without so much color,
  2. Había leído mal. Pensé que estabas hablando de action naval
  3. At this time there are no South American nations. They were part of the huge Spanish empire. They had an army but with a Spanish flag just like Brazil served Portugal and had no own army. Greece had hardly any army.
  4. Russia is a nation that has absorbed the rats and ruin clans of other nations. garbage tends to get together
  5. hello, is there any way to move the camera away when shooting? I would like to see the ship firing without having the cannon camera. Thank you
  6. ok, thanks!!I did not know,
  7. Where is snow in the game?
  8. In my opinion sometimes too much abuse of paintings. I would stay with wood-colored paints or without paint. For example the Diana ship is beautiful, the photo belongs to a model of the ship San Juan Nepomuceno. I don't like so much painting personally. I would like simple paint models without colors. It is my humble opinion
  9. very good look has the game. congratulations and we hope you make playable Spain and France please
  10. introduce galleons in the game would be fantastic
  11. Many players (or all) are waiting with emotion that someday we can enjoy seeing the crew during all the time and not only in battle. In the end, we spend more time doing missions or sailing than time in battles. and we can only feel the reality of seeing the crew in battle .. Thank you
  12. Mirar yo sinceramente no pondré ya mas comentarios y mucho menos insultando. Me duele lo que puse a los ultra sois hermanos aunque llevéis ahora otra bandera. Y estoy seguro que cara a cara seríamos hasta amigos. En fin solo puedo expresar tristeza. Saludos a todos
  13. Veis como podemos hablar bien. No se trata de ser ultra o ser templario o lo que sea. Personalmente me da tristeza que estemos divididos
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