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    Sent both. Let me know if you need anything else. Edit: I did redact some information before sending as I thought I was going to post them here. If you probably wont need the originals, as it was just some name information, but if you do need them Ive got them still.
  2. Muhler


    The output_log.txt I found is at C:\Games\Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts\Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts\default\game\build_Data. Dont know if thats universal (would assume so) or helpful.
  3. Ive been experiencing seemingly random CTDs playing. Watching CAM while playing shows my GPU was at 100%, but CPU and RAM were well below max. Ive been in battles for every crash, however they arent always large battles nor are lots of actions taking place. It seems that its actually in smaller actions that the crashes tend to happen. Ive saved the crash from event viewer and I found an output_log.txt file from around the time of the crash. The attach files to a post feature doesnt seem to allow txt files. Is there any way for me to submit them? I can copy-paste but they are kinda walls of text.
  4. Fantastic news! Cant wait for the weekend to try it out!
  5. Here is an on-topic recent release of his to give an example:
  6. If you havent seen his channel, check out Drachinifel on youtube. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4mftUX7apmV1vsVXZh7RTw Its a fantastic channel.
  7. Or selling off old/outdated ships to minors.
  8. Two quick questions: First, any plans to include monitors? They were starting to die out about the time the game starts, however they did play minor roles up to WWII. Would be cool to work with though. Second, how is research gonna work? A tree system, something a bit more random (kinda like RTW)? Really looking forward to this. I love the Ultimate General games and am a WWI guy, so this setting/topic is right up my alley.
  9. That is a great channel in general for this game. They recently had a good video on how to build a navy that plays right into the theme.
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