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  1. They're reworking the karma system, so this should not be so much of a problem later.
  2. Often I have to play in windowed mode or turbo mode. Alt-enter for windowed. I use my avg no distractions list also.
  3. Dragonsblade, If you play very ruthless and don't intimidate at the beginning much, (which it's easy to just go around shooting people to hell) they AI reacts accordingly and increases quickly.
  4. Yes. that tends to be the case, though from what i've heard on discord, they're working on the AI, and more controllable warriors are on their eventual to do list.
  5. Skill points tutorial Best crafting items to get early game All about guns and gun statistics Best skills to get early game Bows. Bow statistics Bows and arrows in depth Camp commands walkthrough Social tab instructions Potions and herbalism tutorial Throwing a stone tutorial Warrior skills tutorial. Scott skills tutorial Chief skills tutorial Hunter skills tutorial
  6. I've experienced your frustrations and also think a toggle for the tutorial would be handy. Believe me though it's much better than used to be!! As far as didn't by patrols early game. The npc agro's to sound from up to for hinted meters away. So if a payroll is passing by on a road and there's sounds, they will check it out. It's best to clear a regional already then several reasons around yours. Also if you've started on hard or insane modes you've seen yourself up for a very aggressive gameplay. If you're killing more than intimidating, the ai will also be on high alert and their aggro prob
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