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  1. VP is full of players that do not know how to brake using yards, do not know upwind from downwind, at times get confused with left and right, do not follow the order of PB commanders, often refuse to use TS even when in the port battle fleet, are too scared to get stuck in during the battle or just don't speak English. AND that's just the players who are at least willing to show up for RvR. The rest are just useless carebears that do nothing to help but are the first to complain when they lost their carebear port. El Toco is a great example, while we were struggling to fill the port battle (only four of whom were on TS) outside there were dutch players sitting on the docks in first and second rates wating for AI to come close enough to the square fort for them to tag. We had a fair few half decent captains with potential but they ran off to Sweden because they didn't like being told when they screwed up. Bloody sissies!
  2. AI ZERG = печальный беженцы
  3. You must have seen the steady dropped in player numbers which only gets accelerated with these changes that go AGAINST what the majority are asking for The biggest problem, is that the development is now essentially a one man operation. There is no one for him to turn around to and say "is this a good idea" or no one to say to him "hold on, that is likely to have a negative impact on the game" Do you see my point?
  4. Sir! Are you bloody blind? Please tell me the LAST time you logged into the game and sailed with an actual RvR fleet? You have made yet more changes that require massive fleets and screening fleets to be able to get into port battles all while the players numbers continue to drop. AGAIN you have limited RvR to a few, not the many! You have introduced woods that ONLY the richest nations can afford. THE COMMUNITY asks for easier access to RvR and you make it more difficult. You DO see the declining players numbers right? Those are YOUR fault and your fault alone! You seriously need someone to watch over you because, you sir, are killing your game. It's no secret that you favour and make the changes asked for only by people who are willing to get down and lick your boots! (To put it politely) But who is going to keep your boots clean when your golden boy is the only one left on the server streaming fights against NPCs to a handful of viewers. As this is likely to be my final allowed post on the forums, I will make the most of it: YOU took a fantastic game and over the space of 18 months have picked it apart and alienated most of the playerbase because "It's my ball and I can take it home when I want to!" You wouldn't know what makes a good game if the instructions for it were attached to a 68pd ball and fired up your stern! P.S THE PIANO LESSONS WERE AWSOME!
  5. Can we stop tagging @Batman guys? He realised to conquer banned, you must become banned!
  6. Start punching holes in the bottom of your ship. Do you want EVERYTHING done for you?!
  7. Yes he did make a joke about that in his first line The Russians in this battle tried to kite and were hoping to win on time/points (can't blame them in this case) but when it came to individual brawls the Dutch ships were generally the victors, however the Dutch have a massive problem when it comes to finishing players off and following simple commands at times. If they can overcome this, I can see some very interesting battles in the future (assuming they dont all leave the game out of boredom first as so many seem to be doing right now) FIX THE GODDAMN BR LIMITS DEVS!
  8. To be fair, that's those guys in any part of the map, not just their own capital
  9. You basically have 9.9999999999999999999999 kills
  10. You joined the battle and immediately said "ha getting killed by a ratt". I call that trash talk
  11. Firstly because you joined and immediately started trash talking and secondly because your post implies that we working together and that I died while you were there and somehow let you down when it was in fact a 2v1 for 15-20 minutes before you joined. I was already in boarding and being graped to buggery WHEN you joined.
  12. The battle had been going 20 minutes and I was in boarding before you joined you moron.
  13. Come on, you know the most common reason for using the DLC is to run away from the fight. There's a reason VP and Russia are so packed. Their size gives the illusion of safety
  14. Seems to me like the control mechanic is working as intended
  15. Oh yes, because weak crew space capped ships will always work against full port bonus ships right? Allowing people to cap lineships is only going to make things worse
  16. Oh so many people that have lost far bigger ships to Greg's tiny Snow and yet still claim he is only capable of hunting trader brigs
  17. That bullshit and you know it, more likely to happen is 50 Russians showing up to stop defenders
  18. Whats the cooldown on this? Is it one port per nation (top 3 nations). Please define "lineship"
  19. No need to bring real life and old politics to a game alternative history. Rules 1. 3. and 4. Keep friendly. Keep playing. - the Moderation team
  20. Come on, that was only ever used to exploit the reinforcement ROE and you know it!
  21. Cartagena timer has been in your Prime time since release, yet you have never once attempted to take it. Instead you go for two dead nations? Shame on you sir
  22. Let's not forget the mixed fleets were infinitely more fun than 50 L'Oceans in a battle
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