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  1. I, and several other players have noticed lately that combat news isnt always displaying messages properly. Specifically regarding boarding and sinking, it isnt always showing the sink message after the boarding. For example: "BeStPvPeRl33t Boarded Russian Player in the arse end of nowhere" is showing fine but "BeStPvPeRl33t Sank Russian Player in the arse end of nowhere" is not always showing
  2. Here's what you do! Let the Russians have those ports, russian trader gets tagged by Danish defense fleet at Fort Baai, complains and dev fixes it within days. Up until that point, not a bug, it's a feature
  3. oak/oak wasas, doooooooooooooooooooooo it
  4. They kicked your arse all over GB so wind your gob in
  5. - Do not post private conversations - Hethwill, the moderation team Lier says what now?
  6. You made a proposal of peace once already, I believe you were told to shove it up your arse
  7. You seem to be under the impression I am Liam?
  8. Well no, but that could something to do with Bastey not passing the message along for some reason have
  9. So do I You were given the deadline AFTER a snarky comment, NOT before
  10. So Russians asking for screening at Conttoy, the plan to open cayo de sal (if they ever capture it) so that prussians can raid the spanish from that side is Prussia staying "neutral"? I'll update the dictionary accordingly
  11. Bollocks, it has already been proven that Russians and Prussians are/have been working together. @Knuddel Needs to learn to keep his mouth shut. Or at least check who he is sending messages to before he sends them
  12. Not a support question as such, more a curiosity of why it happens, (programming wise) but why when you are kicked from game for being afk or logging out at see do all the chat channels close (nation,global etc) @Ink @admin
  13. AI ZERG = печальный беженцы
  14. You must have seen the steady dropped in player numbers which only gets accelerated with these changes that go AGAINST what the majority are asking for The biggest problem, is that the development is now essentially a one man operation. There is no one for him to turn around to and say "is this a good idea" or no one to say to him "hold on, that is likely to have a negative impact on the game" Do you see my point?
  15. Sir! Are you bloody blind? Please tell me the LAST time you logged into the game and sailed with an actual RvR fleet? You have made yet more changes that require massive fleets and screening fleets to be able to get into port battles all while the players numbers continue to drop. AGAIN you have limited RvR to a few, not the many! You have introduced woods that ONLY the richest nations can afford. THE COMMUNITY asks for easier access to RvR and you make it more difficult. You DO see the declining players numbers right? Those are YOUR fault and your fault alone! You seriously need someone
  16. Can we stop tagging @Batman guys? He realised to conquer banned, you must become banned!
  17. Start punching holes in the bottom of your ship. Do you want EVERYTHING done for you?!
  18. Yes he did make a joke about that in his first line The Russians in this battle tried to kite and were hoping to win on time/points (can't blame them in this case) but when it came to individual brawls the Dutch ships were generally the victors, however the Dutch have a massive problem when it comes to finishing players off and following simple commands at times. If they can overcome this, I can see some very interesting battles in the future (assuming they dont all leave the game out of boredom first as so many seem to be doing right now) FIX THE GODDAMN BR LIMITS DEVS!
  19. To be fair, that's those guys in any part of the map, not just their own capital
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