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  1. Hello! if you want a paint I can help to do for free ^^ but not dlc ship as you cannot trade paint. But this is for the flag >_<
  2. headnod, it is not the best place to use money but I do not regret to use it as norway flag is the only one to be accessed by this way in denmark-norge. however, although i think most people know the 50k dub have better place to spam, can we keep the topic to sharing the flag xD as I still wish to see these special flag and do not want to out topic for other user ^^
  3. Wow ty! that is so pretty! ty for sharing too
  4. You mean poland do not have special 50k dub flag? The Norway ensign flag is only special to 50k dub and the dlc do not have ._.
  5. that is swedish? what is it called?
  6. wow, that is nice! thank you for sharing Poland 50k flag
  7. Do no one buy 50k dub flag >_<
  8. Hello! I spend 50,000 dubloon on Denmark-Norge flag and I get the Norway Naval Ensign. If you also spend your money from other nation, can I see what your 50k dub flag look like?
  9. Hello! We in PvE have made diplomacy possible! Look at the map we shared and discussed ^^ If you are in PvE and do not know that it exist this diplomacy, please tell me here and we welcome you to the PvE discord channel!
  10. Hello! I have 1 gift christian, 1 gift l'ocean and 10k dub. Can I be able to buy a gun encyclopedia? Or how much do I save? Can I sell my santa cecilia too.
  11. I think what never is trying to say is that if you are new-ish and you want to sail big ship, it is okay but try to go out in cheap ships, maybe use grey, green, blue ship for your first time out. But I think problem is when people sell admiralty grey, green, blue ship at the price of crafted ship. Player have the choice to buy and sell to any price but it makes difficult for players who want to try it. Also, some player like giant ship and want to progress to it but the capital zone is very difficult to find ship sometimes. The money reward sometime is too little and you work so hard to afford overprice grey ship which is no match for ganking pvp player ship. So they stay in capital all the time until they are bored. Although it is pvp server, i think it is important for pve to be balanced and accessible too. Not because it is pvp that why you dont deserve pve fight and you only must get good or always lose. I am wondering if having basic ship in 6-5th rate like basic cutter can help alitte. People will naturally want to see they can sail bigger ship and having basic version of 6 and 5 where they cannot attack players, is free to buy and have smaller gun can help them get experience for bigger ship before they invest in anything else. A 5 rate is also good opportunity for player to catch ai ship so they can earn them and use them to go sailing for experience instead of locking them in capital and always buying expensive but lousy admiralty ship. One example of game that do this mechanic of having a pvp and pve mix server is pirate of the burning seas. It is a old game and many player scoff at lousy graphic but the mechanic is very good job and I have many fun as a new player even when i pvp and lose I feel like I am rewarded and learn something
  12. Recently I buy a bunch of this to try I just import titebond 3 and some marine epoxy and now i am waiting for other things like plank bender =p It will be my first time trying and I hope 1 model I can make a RC version :3 https://www.banggood.com/380x130x270mm-DIY-Ship-Assembly-Model-Kits-Classical-Wooden-Sailing-Boats-Scale-Model-Decoration-p-1326597.html?rmmds=buy&cur_warehouse=CN https://www.banggood.com/170-Scale-Wooden-Sailing-Ship-Boat-Model-DIY-Kits-Assembly-Decoration-Toy-Decorations-p-1545420.html?rmmds=buy&cur_warehouse=CN https://www.banggood.com/1120-Scale-Wooden-Wood-Sailboat-Ship-Kits-3D-Puzzle-Model-Building-Decoration-Boat-Gift-Toy-p-1352894.html?rmmds=buy&cur_warehouse=USA
  13. maybe instead of reduce number, the port points can be a limit. if clan has x number of people then they have y number of port point to take. maybe big clan with 400 people = 2000 port points 200 people = 1000 port points 100 = 500 port points 50 = 200 port points 10 = 100 port points <10 = 60 port points so if you have more people you can take more ports but if you dont hit certain point then it is limited. eventually they will run out and the small clan can take the other port.
  14. Headnod, server down time get a yacht :3 so I wanted a single redeemable if i buy all dlc too =p
  15. \o/ ty! I still dont want pvp xD it is scary. I sail in basic cutter then big ships come to kill me T_T
  16. headnod xD so I hope that buying dlc will gimmie 1 destroyable copy =p it is not infinite like the long time player but it is a nice boat
  17. but i dont want the game to have problem and make the dev stress with unhappy people. I buy the dlc to give them money to make it good =D
  18. but i hear the pvp people have the ship for server problem too.
  19. that why i think it is not fair to randomly give to people or sell in dubs but people who supported extra $100+ on dlc, it will be nice xD I always want the yacht but there is no yacht in pve.
  20. If we buy every dlc in the game, can we have 1 redeemable yacht that can only be redeem once?
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