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  1. Proposal for Trade text channel in open world

    Hello everyone, This proposal is for improved Trade text channel as well as the implementation of a Trade text channel in open world. 

    Rationale & Problem

    Currently, the text channel for trade is global where sometimes it is quiet or there is a conversation going on. Normally, a player would post something like:


    WTS: Copper Platting La Tortue PM

    And if the chat is busy, it gets pushed up and the seller would sometime make multiple spam of it. 

    While you are sailing, there is no proper channel to view trading or post things you want to sell, so global is the best place to put  it. While you are in port, the trade channel would look something like:


    Player A: x
    Player B: x

    These channels are instead place to "x-up" so they can be traded. There is very little sale going there. 
    Additionally, sometimes the global is filled with so many players selling items that the chat becomes very clogged with conversation and sales. 

    The Proposal

    Here is how I would propose the improvement to look like ^^

    For normal item trading

    • STEP 1 Looking at select_channel.png  while in open world, you can open up the trade channel like any other channels. 
    • 948797360_selectchannel.thumb.png.d38e887ef061022d51aa7524cfa13820.png
    • STEP 2 : Right clicking on the chat box opens a list to "Add Listing" as shown in Step_2.png. No chat is allowed in this channel.
    • STEP 3 : A menu looking like the "Add Contracts" in port will show up and you can select to Buy List or to Sell List.
    • STEP 4 : Chose the item type and the name of the item. The item list will list everything in the game that can be traded. 
    • STEP 5 : After putting your price and quantity, select "Add Item" button and it will compile the list as shown in Step_2.png.
    • STEP 6 : Select "List Item(s)" and the clerk will compile the listing and put it in chat as shown in Result_1.png
    • 1449254579_Step2.thumb.png.c5b5ad71a4742b7130fe45faa1777d4f.png


    For ship trading

    • STEP 1 : Open Navy and right click the ship you want to list as shown in Step_2-1.png. This can only be done in port and only for selling. 
    • 1844089485_Step2-1.thumb.png.5260c901b8895c65da2ac520053edbf2.png
    • STEP 2 : A pop up window appears with basic details of the ship and asking you to list the price you want to sell as shown in Step_2-2.png
    • 989571087_Step2-2.thumb.png.0bc20af2092909ec37f513aaf6594981.png

    The Result

    The end result looks like the images Result_1.png and Result_2.png below. The interested player can right click the player name and immediately PM them for inquiries ^^



    Thank you for reading my proposal ^_^

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  2. Proposal for PvE (No enemy players)

    The purpose of this proposal is for the removal of enemy players in the PvE server. Instead everyone in the server can see each other's names and interact as if we are all the same nation (Battle Group, Friend adding, Trading in open water, etc). 

    Rationale of change

    As PvE server have nothing but peaceful cooperation, many of us from the different nations are friends. However, we are not able to coop with them in a manner that is more user friendly. Being the PvE server, it helps that we can identify each other especially for helping in RvR port battles or hostilities. 

    Current flaws
    As this is not a war server, the enemy player system creates too much restrictions for cooperation. Eventually, we resort to PvP methods for cooperation but does not improve quality of life. 

    To summarize:

    1) All PvE players will be able to see name of player

    2) We can perform action previously restricted to nation members only but this time  to everyone on the server. 

    Thank you for reading ^^

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  3. 22 hours ago, admin said:

    You can replicate almost all the maneuvers on the image with the exceptions of ones requiring anchor. You can sail sideways backwards and forwards and control the angles to an extent.


    I agree =D I have learn these from PvE server and i have alot of fun. 

    On the other hand, one way i learn to break sterncamp is to suddenly reverse into them and be alittle erratic sailing backwards as most of the time they are sterncamping because they cannot take you from the side. Vary the speed by going very fast then suddenly very slow and etc. 

  4. This would be okay if they had 1 account but having alts its almost difficult :( We have his name but he can change it into another name which is difficult to find closure or justice.

  5. Is it allowed for someone to abuses their officer rank and then steal all the clan warehouse materials and leaving saying they are a spy? Can a tribunal be in place for these people?

  6. 22 minutes ago, Anolytic said:

    This list is almost complete. Looks like I'm missing a couple of the doubloon flags at least.

    Great Britain:


















    Verenigde Provincien:




    Neutral/Free Towns:


    Btw, I made this in the beginning, but haven't updated it with the newer flags because I have to change the format.


    omg, your format is way nicer, I was doing this as pve server asked about it but i must try to learn how to get the picture as i am interest in the 50k dub flag too


  7. 1 hour ago, van stiermarken said:

    you can export all those flags out of the resources.assets file and di splay here directly. here you can also change flags for personal use only.


    :o how do you do that?


  8. Hello!

    I have the changing nation DLC and I am thinking to move to Sweden in PvP. Should I tow one ship a day until all is at free port then sell everything to my enemy (the previous nation)?

    I am lazy to do all the trip and move the fir log or cheap upgrade =_= What should i bring most? just repairs? I still have thousands.

  9. hmm, I am suddenly thought of some idea. You know when you redeem a dlc ship you can choose planking and hull?

    so i am thinnking of idea that the dev can implement that doesnt need them to spend the time to design the ship model again and I come with this idea. 

    what if they add a new one instead of crew space they can choose cargo space? So the ship still look the same with the model but instead maybe 600 weight it can carry 1000 weight but the cannon it can use will be reduce. 

    example is that if you choose fir and cargo space for requin, you still get the same requin but you can have maybe 800-900 cargo space this time and you cannot use carronade and only 4 pound or 6 pound broadside cannon only. So you get the alternative of many other ship but I do not know if the cargo space option should let player enter enemy port. 

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  10. Hello!

    As we know, the following chat channels will blink continuously when it has unread messages:

    1) Trade

    2) Clan

    3) Nation

    4) Global

    5) Help

    6) Combat news

    But the PM chat once you leave to other tabs do not continue to blink when you receive a new message and some player do not check the tab if it is not blinking. This make that some people do not know they have a new reply from the user in PM. 

    My request is a small request and a feature that exist in other chat boxes. Which is to make the Pm chat of the other user blink continuously if there is unread message. 
    If there are players who do not like a blinking, maybe there is option to turn this off somewhere would be nice for them too ^^ 

    Thank you for reading!

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  11. 2 hours ago, BoatyMcBoatFace said:

    I would buy a custom paintjob for a ship (not a single application tho) for 50mil reals any day. Anything that allows players to add a custom touch to their ships and other game elements is a good thing. Whether its worth it or not, is irrelevant. Those options being available can only be of benefit.

    And speaking of that, when is the leopard getting added to the painter dlc? Its so ugly in default

    Hello! if you want a paint I can help to do for free ^^ but not dlc ship as you cannot trade paint. But this is for the flag >_<

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